Journal Article: Resistir a la invasión musulmana – Afkar (Ideas)

afkar50es“Resistir a la invasión musulmana” is my latest article, published today in the Spanish journal Afkar (Ideas). The journal is published in Spanish, French, Catalan and English more details of which are available here.

At present, only a Spanish translation of the article is available online. If you’re not fluent in Spanish, then you can read an early draft of the article in English by downloading a pdf version here.


Open Letter: The Case for Membership of the EU – The Times

remainOn the eve of tomorrow’s vote about whether to remain or exit from the EU, I was one of a number of British Social Policy academics who put their name to an open letter making the case for EU membership.

Given that you need a subscription to read The Times newspaper online, the letter can be accessed via the Social Policy Association website by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can download a pdf copy here.

The text of the letter is copied below:

Dear Editor,

As scholars active in research and practice around social policy, we are concerned that a UK exit will have serious implications for many collective measures to improve wellbeing, counter mushrooming inequality and encourage real democratic participation. First any weakening of the UK’s economy undermines the resources for social spending. Second the EU has always recognised that an open economy requires forms of social protection to prevent trading competition between nations resulting in a race to the bottom. Third most of our leading partners in the EU – notably Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden – are sympathetic allies who have been pioneers in social policy whilst the UK is now in many respects a laggard.

In the modern world the economy is global; nation states can only protect their citizens if they work together. Of course institutions like the EU are imperfect from a simple democratic perspective but to opt out can only reduce our capacity to address issues like deprivation, migration, exploitation, pollution and climate change. We know that EU policy is not ‘dictated’ by Brussels ‘bureaucrats’. It is a protective association, a product of collaboration between nations, something to which modern democratic participation must aspire.

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News: Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life – School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham

Commission-ChrisAllen-April2016Pasted is some news coverage about my involvement with the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life from the University of Birmingham website. The original piece can viewed here.

The Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life in Birmingham

Chris Allen recently spent two days with the Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life when it visited Birmingham.

Chaired by Dominic Grieve QC MP, the Commission has brought together 20 Commissioners from a wide cross section of British society to consider how Britain’s Muslim communities could better engage and participate in public life. To do so, it has been touring the UK in recent months having held public hearings in a number of towns and cities to hear evidence from Muslim communities and others.

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Evidence: Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life – 22nd April 2016

Commission_LogoWith the Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life visiting Birmingham today and tomorrow, I’m making available the three pieces of written evidence that I submitted to it.

The first focuses on key issues facing Muslim communities in Birmingham and can be downloaded here.

The second, focuses on the impact Islamophobic attacks have on Muslim women and is available here.

The final piece, looks more broadly at the role of the media and can be found here.

More about the Commission can be found by clicking here.

NEWS: Social Policy expert warns of rise in Islamophobic attacks in the wake of Brussels terror attacks – ITV News

ITVBelow is a very short news brief posted on ITV News’ website.

The original can be viewed here.

Social Policy expert warns of rise in Islamophobic attacks in the wake of Brussels terror attacks

A social policy expert from the University of Birmingham has warned that Islamophobic attacks against Muslim communities in Britain could rise in the wake of terror atrocities in Brussels.

Fourteen people died after a device was detonated by a suicide bomber at Brussels airport and another 20 people were killed after an explosion at a metro station in attacks across the city today.

Dr Chris Allen says he fears ordinary muslims could be targeted as a result of heightened tensions.

‘This morning’s attacks in Brussels will, like those in Paris and elsewhere before them, will have ramifications in Britain especially for Muslim communities. As research shows, Islamophobic attacks against ordinary Muslims going about their everyday business sharply increase in the wake of terror atrocities. For communities that already feel scrutinised, heightened security and suspicion can increase tensions at a time when the need to get along with each other is ever more pressing.’

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