Welcome to the website of Chris Allen – academic, commentator and writer.

Chris is an Associate Professor in Hate Studies at the Centre for Hate Studies at the University of Leicester having previously worked at the universities of Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Open.

For almost two decades he has been at the forefront of research into Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate. Over this period of time he has researched, written and commented extensively on the impact of 9/11 and 7/7, the victimisation of visible Muslim women, the emergence and subsequent development of the Prevent agenda, and the rise of far-right movements including the English Defence League, Britain First and National Action among others.

He therefore has expertise in: Islamophobia; the contemporary ‘problematisation’ of Muslims & Islam; issues relating to counter-terror & counter-terror; manifestations of hate, bigotry & discrimination; the radical and far-right in Britain & Europe; the role of religion in the public & political spaces; and notions of identity relating to Britishness.

This website fits with Chris’s commitment to the notion of being a ‘public academic’ and his adherence to ‘open access’. As such, it is designed to give access to as many of his publications, outputs and resources as possible. These include academic publications (books/chapters and journal articles), comment pieces, policy briefs, public lectures, media appearances and links to mentions in the news. If you want to find out more about Chris, click here. Alternatively,  use the menu at the top of the page to explore and (hopefully) find something of interest.

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