In commitment to being a public academic, the following short manifesto was begun at the start of 2018 as a means of capturing the approach preferred by Chris Allen in his professional endeavours. It is meant to capture an ethos as opposed being a dogma.

“My role as a public academic, demands that I:

    • produce/publish evidence-based outputs that speak across audiences, to academics and also non-
    • value & commit to research-led teaching & learning
    • meaningfully contribute to public & political debates where my expertise is relevant
    • seek collaboration & collegiality over competition
    • prioritise shared and common goals over personal and strategic processes (for example, promotion and the REF respectively)
    • support others to advocate & act where they are better placed to do so
    • share knowledge freely through an ongoing commitment to open access in its broadest understanding
    • remain independent, staying true to the principles honesty, openness, fairness and equality
    • agitate & annoy as and when necessary.”