In the News

Radio France, The vested interests of the UK’s Yellow Vests 9 January 2019.

Arab News, Telling a story of epic dimensions: How media cover Hajj 14 August 2018.

Birmingham Mail: Society must fight anti-Muslim racism, says major study backed by Birmingham University research 14 November 2017

Middle East Eye: ‘A challenge for us all’: Study highlights prevalent Islamophobia in UK 14 November 2017

India Blooms: New effort needed to encourage society to tackle Islamophobia 14 November 2017

Independent: Finsbury Park: UK’s anti-terror ‘Prevent’ strategy should focus on far-right white terrorism, government told 19 June 2017

Independent: If Theresa May is happy to call out anti-Semitism in other parties, isn’t it time she addressed Islamophobia in her own? 3 May 2017

Asharq Al-Awshat: Birmingham’s Muslims Worry about Consequences of London Attack, 27 March 2017

Mondo: Attentato a Londra, caccia alla “cellula” di Birmingham, 27 March 2017

St Louis Post Dispatch: WorldViews – The London attacker lived among them. Now, Birmingham’s Muslims worry about the consequences, 27 March 2017

L’Obs: La Piste de Birmingham, 26 March 2017.

Washington Post: The London attacker lived among them. Now, Birmingham’s Muslims worry about the consequences, 25 March 2017

France 2: Terrorisme : quelles sont les mesures prises par les Britanniques ces dernières années? 24 March 2017

La Stampa: Caccia alla cellula di Birmingham. Raffica di arresti: “Pronti a colpire”, 24 March 2017

ITV Central News: Social Policy expert warns of rise in Islamophobic attacks in the wake of Brussels terror attacks, 22 March 2016

Toronto Star: Security failures surface as Europe suffers another terror attack, 22 March 2016

Independent: PREVENT will have a chilling effect on open debate, free speech and political dissent, 10 July 2015

Hindustan Times: A decade after London bombings, UK stays alert, 7 July 2015

Birmingham Mail: Birmingham University lecturer warns ‘racism is at a 20 year high’ on eve of 7/7 attacks, 6 July 2015

Guardian: Immigration – five demands from young voters, 28 April 2015

Sunday Telegraph, Islamic ‘radicals’ at the heart of Whitehall, 22 February 2015.

BBC News, Islamophobia ‘needs swift action’, says Dr Chris Allen, 3 March 2015.

TeleSUR (Venezuela), Sydney Siege Aftermath: Solidarity or Islamophobia?, 15 December 2014

Tell MAMA, The Resignation of Dr Chris Allen from the Cross Govt Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred is a Wake Up Call, 31 October 2014.

Huffington Post, Self-interest, Sycophancy and Strategic Failure – How Britain Lost The War On Muslim Radicalisation, 25 August 2014.

New York Times, Reading, Writing and Allegations: Muslim School at Center of Debate, 22 June 2014

Telegraph, ‘People grab our veils, call us terrorists and want us dead’: What it’s really like to be a Muslim woman in Britain, 6th May 2014

Telegraph, Inquiry into Muslim infiltration claims extends to 25 schools, 14th April 2014

BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour: Women, Islam and Equality, 26th March 2014

Independent: Government crackdown on radicals ‘will lead to attacks on Muslims’, 4th December 2013

Guardian: Muslim Women more likely to suffer Islamophobic attacks than men – study, 20th November 2013

Huffington Post: Muslim Women Suffer Abuse For Wearing Hijab, Study Finds, 20th November 2013

Al-Jazeera: Britain’s Muslim Prisoners, The Stream, 5th November 2013

Birmingham Mail: Anti-terror police in Birmingham praised by Islamophobia expert, 4 November 2013

Lancashire Evening Post: Islamophobia: myth or reality? 20th November 2012

Times Literary Supplement: Islam and the West, 18 January 2012

Jewish Chronicle: Islamophobia group relaunched, 24 November 2011

BBC News: Muslims ‘shown in positive light’ after Birmingham riots, 9th September 2011

Guardian: Islamophobia needs to be redefined, 26 January 2011

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