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Governmental Responses to Islamophobia in the United Kingdom: a two decade retrospective in Awan, I. & Zempi, I. (eds.) The Routledge International Handbook of Islamophobia (Routledge International Handbooks). London: Routledge.



Writings in Contemporary Islamophobia Volume 1: Politics, Women & Social Issues. Birmingham: Independent Publishing.


“The challenges facing Muslim communities and civic society” in Runnymede Trust (ed.) Islamophobia: still a challenge for us all (pp.51-4).

“Islamophobia” in, Thomas, D. (ed.) The Routledge Handbook on Christian-Muslim Relations. London: Routledge.


religion-inequalities“Still a challenge for us all? Runnymede Trust, Islamophobia and Policy” in, Llewellyn, D. & Sharma, S. (eds.) Religion, Equalities and Inequalities. Farnham: Ashgate



51+HmulHdzL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“Facebook as anti-social media: using Facebook groups to engage opponents to the building of Dudley Mosque” in, Cheruvallil-Contractor, S. & Shakkour, S. (eds.) Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion. London: Bloomsbury.

“Stop Dudley Super Mosque and Islamic Village”: overview of the findings from a pilot study in, Enstedt, D., G. Larsson, and E. Pace (eds.) Religion and Internet. Brill: Leiden.


“Tutte le differenti forme di discorsi, parole e atti”: il problema della comprensione e definizione dell’Islamofobia” in, Alietti, A., D. Padovan & C. Vercelli (eds.) Antisemitismo, islamofobia e razzismo: rappresentazioni, immaginari e pratiche nella società italiana. Turin: Franco Angeli.

‘Islamophobia in Western Europe’ in, Esposito, J (ed.) Oxford Islamic Studies Online. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

book1‘Islamophobia and the rise of Europe’s multiculturalism’ in, Johan Leman, Erkan Toğuşlu & İsmail Mesut Sezgin (eds.) New multicultural identities in Europe: religion and ethnicity in secular societies. Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2014.

‘The rise of the British National Party: anti-Muslim policies and politics of fear’ in Frank Peter & Rafael Ortega (eds.) Islamic Movements of Europe. London: IB Tauris, 2014


“All kinds of different forms of discourse, speech and acts”: the problem of understanding and defining Islamophobia, in Scheller, B. (ed.) Cartoons and minarets: reflections on Muslim-Western encounters. Beirut: Heinrich Boell Stiftung, 2012.

‘El auge del British national party: política antimusulmana y política del miedo’ in Peter, F. & Ortega, R. (eds.) Los movimientos islámicos transnacionales y la emergencia de un ‘islam europeo’. Madrid: Edicions Bellaterra, 2012.

‘A part of the fabric of everyday life: Islamophobia in contemporary Britain’ in Siddiqui, A. & Lamb, C. (eds.) Meeting Muslims. Leicester: Christians Aware, 2012.


“Islamophobia”. Farnham: Ashgate – click here to buy.

‘Keeping it simple and stupid: theoretical considerations on the concept of Islamophobia’ in Sayyid, S. & Vakil, A. (eds.) Thinking through Islamophobia. London: Hurst & Co, 2010.

‘Das erste Jahrzehnt der Isamophobie’ in Bunzl, J. & Hafez, F., (eds.) Islamophobie in Österreich. Vienna:StudienVerlag, 2009.

‘Islamophobia’ in Esposito, J. (ed.) The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.

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‘What is Islamophobia? An evolutionary timeline’ in Delgado, M. (ed.) Islam in Europa: Zwischen Weltpolitik und Alltagssorgen. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2006.

‘Endemisch europees of een europese epidemie? Islamophobia in Europa na 11 september 2001’ in Plate, L. & Smelik, A. (eds.) 11 september in de kunsten. Amsterdam: Van Gennep, 2006.

‘From race to religion: the new face of discrimination’ in Abbas, T. (ed.) Muslim Britain: communities under pressure. London: Zed Books, 2005.


‘Endemically European or a European epidemic? Islamophobia in contemporary Europe’ in Gabriel, & T., Geaves, R. (eds.) Islam and the West: a post September 11th perspective. London: Ashgate, 2004.


‘Islamophobia in the EU post-September 11th’ in Hamid, A. (ed.) The Quest for Sanity: reflections on September 11th and the aftermath. London: Muslim Council of Britain.

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