PQ bannerI’ve recently had a new journal article published in Political Quarterly. Focusing on the recently proscribed National Action, it is the first peer-reviewed article to be published about the British far-right group (it complements the fact that I was the first to have peer-reviewed articles published on the English Defence League and Britain First also).

At the time of publishing, the article is available to read (and download) for free by clicking here. As with most journal articles however, there will be a time when it goes behind a paywall – apologies for that.

Below is the abstract:

Proscribing National Action: Considering the Impact of Banning the British Far-Right Group

In December 2016, the British Government banned National Action for being an extremist organisation. It was the first time in British history that membership of a far-right group was outlawed. While so, little is known about the group. This article responds to this lack of knowledge by setting out the origins of National Action and its leaders, its preference for a traditionalist Nazi ideology, and its penchant for stunts and demonstrations to gain media attention and publicity. The article concludes by considering whether proscription was rather more symbolic than serious.

To read the article, click here.


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