PING2-2Given the events of the past week and the less than positive spotlight that has been thrown on Birmingham, it has made me re-think and re-visit some of the things that I and colleagues have been writing about the city over the past few years (hence the earlier post about the research I did into Birmingham’s Muslim communities in the immediate aftermath of the 2011 riots).

Here I’m re-posting a short think-piece I co-wrote with my friend and long-term collaborator Arshad Isakjee. Having been co-opted into the city’s Social Inclusion Summit a few years back, both of us were concerned about the Summit’s pursuance of ‘shared values’ for Birmingham. As such, we agreed to write a think-piece setting out those concerns we had but also, setting out what we thought were a set of more viable alternatives. The culmination of this endeavour was the document that can be viewed by clicking here.

Whilst it is probably worth noting that after we submitted the think-piece to the Summit, we weren’t contacted again I do think that the think-piece remains relevant and might be a resonant resource in terms of the type of questions that will no doubt be raised following last week’s atrocities.



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