remainOn the eve of tomorrow’s vote about whether to remain or exit from the EU, I was one of a number of British Social Policy academics who put their name to an open letter making the case for EU membership.

Given that you need a subscription to read The Times newspaper online, the letter can be accessed via the Social Policy Association website by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can download a pdf copy here.

The text of the letter is copied below:

Dear Editor,

As scholars active in research and practice around social policy, we are concerned that a UK exit will have serious implications for many collective measures to improve wellbeing, counter mushrooming inequality and encourage real democratic participation. First any weakening of the UK’s economy undermines the resources for social spending. Second the EU has always recognised that an open economy requires forms of social protection to prevent trading competition between nations resulting in a race to the bottom. Third most of our leading partners in the EU – notably Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden – are sympathetic allies who have been pioneers in social policy whilst the UK is now in many respects a laggard.

In the modern world the economy is global; nation states can only protect their citizens if they work together. Of course institutions like the EU are imperfect from a simple democratic perspective but to opt out can only reduce our capacity to address issues like deprivation, migration, exploitation, pollution and climate change. We know that EU policy is not ‘dictated’ by Brussels ‘bureaucrats’. It is a protective association, a product of collaboration between nations, something to which modern democratic participation must aspire.

Professor Michael Hill (University of Newcastle)
Professor Ian Gough (LSE)
Baroness Lister of Burtersett
Professor Sir Julian Le Grand (LSE)
Professor Alan Walker, CBE (University of Sheffield)
Professor Michael Noble, CBE (University of Oxford)
Professor Nicholas Deakin, CBE (Gresham College)
Professor Jan Pahl, CBE (University of Kent)
Professor Nick Ellison (University of York)
Professor Fiona Williams, OBE (University of Leeds)
Professor Jane Millar, OBE (University of Bath)
Professor Jenny Morris, OBE (University of Suffolk)
Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby, OBE (University of Kent)
Professor Robert Walker, MBE (University of Oxford)
Professor Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (University of Oxford)
Professor Rosalind Edwards (University of Southampton)
Professor Vari Drennan (University of Kingston)
Professor David Piachaud (LSE)
Professor Jonathan Parker (University of Bournemouth)
Professor Brid Featherstone (University of Huddersfield)
Professor Carol Walker (University of Lincoln)
Professor John Clarke (The Open University)
Professor Alan Deacon (University of Leeds)
Professor Nigel Malin (University of Sunderland)
Professor Caroline Glendinning (University of York)
Professor Nick Bailey (University of Glasgow)
Professor Asghar Zaidi (University of Southampton
Professor Adrian Sinfield (University of Edinburgh)
Professor Andrew Kendrick (University of Strathclyde)
Professor Ann Davis (University of Birmingham)
Professor Ann Gray (University of Ulster)
Professor Anne West (LSE)
Professor Barry Goldson (The University of Liverpool)
Professor Bernard Harris (University of Strathclyde)
Professor Bob Deacon (University of York)
Professor Bruce Stafford (University of Nottingham)
Professor Deborah Price (University of Manchester)
Professor Gary Craig (University of Durham)
Professor Gideon Calder (University of South Wales )
Professor Gillian Robinson (Ulster University)
Professor Graham Room (University of Bath)
Professor Guy Daly (Coventry University)
Professor J.S. O’Connor (University of Ulster)
Professor Jane Lewis (LSE )
Professor Jennie Popay (University of Lancaster)
Professor Jenny Phillimore (University of Birmingham)
Professor Jo Phoenix (University of Leicester)
Professor John Veit-Wilson (Newcastle University)
Professor John Hudson (University of York)
Professor Jonathan Bradshaw (University of York)
Professor Marian Barnes (University of Brighton)
Professor Peter Squires (University of Brighton)
Professor Philip Brown (University of Salford)
Professor Philip Haynes (University of Brighton)
Professor Raghu Raghavan (De Montfort University )
Professor Traute Meyer (University of Southampton)
Professor Kirstein Rummery (University of Stirling)
Professor Mick Carpenter (University of Warwick)
Professor Nicholas Mays (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Professor David Lewis (LSE)
Professor Norman Ginsburg (London Metropolitan University)
Professor Bren Neale (University of Leeds)
Professor Ian Greener (University of Strathclyde)
Beverley Searle (University of Dundee)
Dr Armine Ishkanian (LSE )
Dr Claudia Schneider (Anglia Ruskin University)
Dr Isabel Shutes (LSE )
Dr Joshua Skoczylis JP (University of Lincoln)
Dr Kevin Caraher (University of York)
Dr Kitty Stewart (LSE)
Dr Morag Treanor (University of Edinburgh )
Dr Pam Lowe (Aston)
Dr Pauline Allen (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)
Dr Rossella Ciccia (Queen’s University Belfast)
Dr Ruth Rogers (Canterbury Christ Church University)
Dr Sally Ruane (University of Leicester)
Dr Ulrike Hohmann (Plymouth University)
Dr. Alison Koslowski (University of Edingburgh)
Dr. Ann Lavan ( University College Dublin)
Dr. Carol-Ann Hooper (University of York)
Dr. Christine Skinner (University of York)
Dr. Clare Williams (University of Wolverhampton)
Dr. Craig Webber (University of Southampton)
Dr. David Webster (University of Glasgow)
Dr. Heejung Chung (University of Kent)
Dr. Jane Ellis (Anglia Ruskin University)
Dr. Jasmine Gideon (Birkbeck)
Dr. Jo Ingold (University of Leeds)
Dr. K.A Garthwaite (University of Durham)
Dr. Karen Clarke (University of Manchester)
Dr. Kevin Farnsworth (University of York)
Dr. Liam Foster (University of Sheffield)
Dr. Liz Such (University of Sheffield)
Dr. Majella Kilkey (University of Sheffield)
Dr. Margaret May (University of Birmingham)
Dr. Misa Izuhara (University of Bristol)
Dr. Rachel Dobson (University of York)
Dr. Ruth Patrick (University of Liverpool)
Dr. Sarah Thomas de Benitez (Consortium for Street Children)
Dr. Stephen Sinclair (Glasgow Caledonian University)
Dr. Steven Corbett (University of Sheffield)
Dr Ingela K Naumann (University of Edinburgh)
Ismail Patel (University of Leeds)
James Rees (Open University)
Janice Tripney (University of Central London)
Jenny Phlliman (University of Birmingham)
Laura Hamilton (UCL, Institute of Education)
Mary Mitchell (University of Edinburgh )
Mike McManus (Sheffield Hallam)
Rebecca Taylor (University of southampton)
Sirin Sung (Queen’s University Belfast)
Dr. Zoe Irving (University of York)
Dr. Steve Cunningham (UCLAN)
Dr. Rana Jawad (Univeristy of Bath)
Professor Robert Hulme (MMU)
Dr Chris Allen (University of Birmingham)
Dr. Kate Smith (University of Huddersfield)
Dr. Liz Cairncross (Oxford Brooks)


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