ITVBelow is a very short news brief posted on ITV News’ website.

The original can be viewed here.

Social Policy expert warns of rise in Islamophobic attacks in the wake of Brussels terror attacks

A social policy expert from the University of Birmingham has warned that Islamophobic attacks against Muslim communities in Britain could rise in the wake of terror atrocities in Brussels.

Fourteen people died after a device was detonated by a suicide bomber at Brussels airport and another 20 people were killed after an explosion at a metro station in attacks across the city today.

Dr Chris Allen says he fears ordinary muslims could be targeted as a result of heightened tensions.

‘This morning’s attacks in Brussels will, like those in Paris and elsewhere before them, will have ramifications in Britain especially for Muslim communities. As research shows, Islamophobic attacks against ordinary Muslims going about their everyday business sharply increase in the wake of terror atrocities. For communities that already feel scrutinised, heightened security and suspicion can increase tensions at a time when the need to get along with each other is ever more pressing.’

Read the original piece by clicking here.


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