britain firstFollowing the shocking incidents in Dudley, where Britain First have announced its intention to bury pig remains around the site of the new mosque, I am posting below an article I’ve written for The Conversation introducing Britain First, its ideologies and activities. To read the full article, click here.

Britain First – the party taking far-right politics to new lows

The decision to grant planning permission to build a new mosque in Dudley has come after more than a decade of wrangling in the West Midlands town. And the division caused by the arguments has proved an irresistible opportunity for Britain First, the new kid on the block in far-right politics.

Members of the party announced that they planned to bury a dead pig on the site, declaring that the Qur’an forbids any building on ground containing swine. And when it’s not making threats in Dudley, Britain First is standing candidates for public positions, including the forthcoming by-election in Rochester and Strood.

Who are they?
Although it is a separate party, Britain First does have links to the British National Party and the English Defence League. It was founded by James Dowson, a former BNP member. A Scottish Calvinist minister with close links to loyalist paramilitaries, Dowson was seen as a credible challenger to Nick Griffin’s leadership after the 2010 elections. Soon after though, he acrimoniously split from the BNP following allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances to a female colleague.

Continue reading the article here.


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