Last week saw the publication of my article “Britain First: The ‘Frontline Resistance’ to the Islamification of Britain” in the respected academic journal, The Political Quarterly. If my investigations are correct, then this is the first academic article to be published about Britain First.

As with many academic articles, you will likely need to have a subscription to read it or purchase it individually, neither of which is ideal. I am not a big fan of this system as it means that many people will not be able to access it. Nonetheless, if you do want to read it then you can do so by clicking here.

I’ve pasted the abstract below, just in case you want to find out more.


The British National Party and English Defence League forged new frontiers in British political
spaces in relation to anti-Islam, anti-Muslim ideologies. Whereas the former sought to do so in
formal political arenas, the latter did so as a street-level movement. With the subsequent
waning of both, Britain First has emerged seemingly to fill the political void they left. In many
ways, Britain First combines the strategies and actions of the parties that preceded it, at both the
formal and street levels. This article considers what is known about Britain First, about its
history, development and its ideology, and how this is manifested in terms of its political
strategies and actions. This includes such activities as standing for European elections and also
undertaking ‘Christian patrols’ and mosque ‘invasions’. The article considers how Britain First,
while having some similarities with the BNP and EDL, is more confrontational and militaristic
and is informed by apocalyptic Christianity.

To access the full article, click here.


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