Report: Swedish Government Roundtable on Islamophobia in Europe

swedenOn Tuesday 10th June 2014, I was invited to participate in a roundtable  meeting on the issue of Islamophobia in today’s Europe. Held in Stockholm, the event was facilitated by the Swedish government and brought together a range of individuals from across Europe: policymakers, civil servants, civil society representatives, Muslim organisations and academics.

Where these type of events go and what emerges from them is always a little vague and unclear, and so at the moment I would suggest that we’re still in the ‘wait & see’ period.

Nonetheless, there has been a summary report produced by the Swedish government which I thought I’d make more widely available.

Personally, I’m not sure the summary report does the discussions any justice given that on paper, it all feels a little too positive and dare I say it, abstract.

Still, it’s worth sharing if for no other reason but to ensure the issue of Islamophobia remains in the public and political domains.

To read it, click here.


One thought on “Report: Swedish Government Roundtable on Islamophobia in Europe

  1. You are aware there are some (Islamophobes?) who are convinced that Islamophobia does not exist and that this concept (of ‘Islamophobia’) was “created by Fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons” [J Smith in the comments section of…?!… Have you heard such notions before? And where do these ideas come from?

    (I understood the idea came first from the Runnymede Trust back in ’97… Are they a Fascist organisation?)

    Why are there Islamophobia-deniers? (I appreciate there might be those that ‘cry Islamophobia’ when this might not technically be the case like some might ‘cry racism’ – but that doesn’t mean that racism per se doesn’t exists. Why are Islamophobia-deniers so intense and venomous in their denial that Islamophobia in general doesn’t exist? What have they to gain?

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