birmingham-briefYesterday I was invited to write a follow-up Birmingham Brief comment piece following the publication of the Ofsted reports into 21 schools in Birmingham following the Operation Trojan Horse allegations.

To read the piece in full, click here.

As a taster, I’ve pasted a few paragraphs below:

Dark legacy of Birmingham’s ‘Trojan Horse’ episode

Despite the findings from the investigations into 21 Birmingham schools by Ofsted being published on Monday, the shadow cast by Operation Trojan Horse’s allegations are likely to loom large over the city’s Muslims.

Undoubtedly, some incidents highlighted by the reports – specific incidents in specific schools as opposed to anything resembling a more widespread or systematic plot – did indeed make for uneasy reading, and so the need for appropriate action to be taken is without question both right and proper.

While the legacy of the allegations will be felt for some time among Birmingham’s schools, there is very real potential for detrimental impact within the city’s Muslim communities who are still reeling from the fallout of the now defunct Project Champion.

When more than 200 ‘spy’ cameras were placed around two of the most densely populated Muslims areas in the city just a few years ago many of Birmingham’s Muslims felt – as my research with Dr Arshad Isakjee showed – the impact of the cameras had been less cohesion, more tension between different communities and, most worryingly, increased feelings of Islamophobia.

Continue reading here.


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