huffington-post-logoJust sharing this as I had it published yesterday by the Huffington Post, see here.

It’s had quite a backlash if honest, so see what you think.

Halal Hysteria: It’s About Muslims, NOT Animal Welfare

Here’s a controversial statement: the recent anti-halal hysteria has nothing to do with the welfare of animals. It’s just good old-fashioned Islamophobia.

This is not to say that some people don’t have sincere concerns about the way in which animals are slaughtered: they do.

But these are not the people now jumping on the anti-halal bandwagon. Instead, those jumping on the bandwagon are doing so because they seem happy to eat any old dead animal as long as it’s not a dead ‘Muslim’ animal.

So where did this hysteria come from?

Well for the past few years, groups like the British National Party and English Defence League have been campaigning against halal food. Nothing surprising there. But most recently, the hysteria has emerged in response to a number of overly sensationalised news stories in the British tabloid press.

First, the Daily Mail ran a story about how fast food chain Subway had ‘banned’ pork products in some of its stores in response to ‘strong demand’ from Muslims. Failing to acknowledge this was a commercial decision – Subway aren’t making money selling pork products in heavily populated Muslim areas – the Mail preferred to infer that this was due to Muslim ‘force’.

Read on by clicking here.

Or download a pdf of the piece by clicking here.


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