warsi-croppedFollowing on from participating in Baroness Warsi’s ‘Integration Roadshow’ in Birmingham last week, the University of Birmingham has covered the event in its news output.

Pasted below is a copy of the article – if you prefer to read it on the University website, you can do so by clicking here.

Government Workshop with Baroness Warsi

A number of students from the ‘Doing or Not Doing God: religion, policy and politics’ third year Social Policy undergraduate module were given the opportunity to meet and hear Baroness Sayeeda Warsi – Senior Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Minister for Faith and Communities at the Department for Communities and Local Government – speak about the role and relevance of different religious communities in the city of Birmingham.

Attending her ‘Integration Roadshow’, the Birmingham event was one of a number of similar events that are taking place across different towns and cities during March and April this year.

Responding to questions about such diverse issues as religious slaughter, female genital mutilation, Islamophobia, religious education and same-sex marriage, the event gave students the chance to put their learning into practice and hear a range of different perspectives on topics they themselves had been considering and debating as part of the module.

Providing expertise on the topics of Islamophobia and religious communities in today’s Birmingham, IASS’s Chris Allen sat alongside Baroness Warsi as a panel member throughout the roadshow.

After the event, students were given time to meet and chat with Baroness Warsi informally.

Afterwards, the students (BA Social Policy, 3rd Year) were keen to share their views on the event.

Laura Hackett said “I thought the event was very interesting…I thought she answered all the questions really well”.

Michael Sidwell agreed: “The event was really, really good…was great to come along and hear a politician speak to us in the way she did”.

Saira Bahnu added, “She was really engaging…and the best part is that we had a selfie with her at the end”.


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