Birmingham-City-Centre2I had the pleasure today of presenting some of my research findings to students from the University of Birmingham’s Theology department as part of the ‘Believing in the City’ programme. Talking about Islamophobia, it was great to see them interested and engaged about the way in which Islamophobia manifests itself differently in the city of Birmingham from those areas surrounding the city, the Black Country in particular.

As part of this, I agreed to post some links to research undertaken that the students themselves might be interested in. Here they are – I hope you find them interesting:


Anti-Social Networking: Findings From a Pilot Study on Opposing Dudley Mosque Using Facebook Groups as Both Site and Method for Research


‘A catastrophic lack of inquisitiveness’: A critical study of the impact and narrative of the Project Champion surveillance project in Birmingham


Between Critical and Uncritical Understandings: A Case Study Analyzing the Claims of Islamophobia Made in the Context of the Proposed ‘Super-Mosque’ in Dudley, England

Research Report:

“Maybe we are hated”: the experience & impact of anti-Muslim hate on British Muslim women


For their attackers, mosques are seen as places of “difference”


Passing the Dinner Table Test: Retrospective and Prospective Approaches to Tackling Islamophobia in Britain


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