Article: “Giving a voice to the invisible Muslim women victims of Islamophobia” Public Spirit

public spiritI have today had a new article published on the fantastic Public Spirit website.

Titled “Giving a voice to the invisible Muslim women victims of Islamophobia”, the article focuses on the research undertaken into the experience of visible Muslim women victims of Islamophobia last year and is part of Public Spirit’s ‘Muslims Women in Britain’ series.

To read the full article, click here.

To obtain a pdf version of the article, click here.

The first paragraph is reproduced below:

“For more than a decade, my research into Islamophobia has shown the existence of a very real gender dimension. From the backlash against Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11 across EU countries to the dramatic rise in street-level attacks against Britain’s Muslims following the murder of Lee Rigby last year, Muslim women have been the disproportionate targets for abuse, bigotry and hate. Many have been repeatedly – and for some, routinely – spat upon, abused, threatened with violence and violently assaulted. The likelihood of this happening dramatically increases if you happen to be a woman who ‘looks Muslim’ as a result of wearing a hijab, niqab or other form of traditional Islamic clothing. Yet as Chakraborti and Zempi rightly note, not only has this gendered dimension been largely overlooked, but so too have the voices of Muslim women themselves.”

More here.


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