Just discovered this article in the Neues Deutschland newspaper. Whilst it quotes me, I have never given an interview to this newspaper. Nonetheless, I’m reproducing below (English translation so can verify for accuracy). The German version can be read by clicking here.

Islamophobia is not a post-9/11 Phenomenon

Muslim on the street as “Taliban” and “terrorists bepöbelt” thrown to the ground and forcibly unveiled. Such attacks are not uncommon in Europe and the USA. A toxic social climate is spreading throughout the Western Hemisphere – “” like an oil slick, says Liz Fekete. The head of London was founded in 1958 Institute of Race Relations researched and analyzed with their colleagues all imaginable forms of racism. “It seems as if we lived in a world that is dominated by a new McCarthyism” so Fekete. Communists were once hunted as dangerous “fifth column”, now a shift on suspicion of “subversion” was held on Muslims.

As on 22 July, a bomb attack in Oslo and a few hours later, a mass murder, with 68 deaths on the resort island Utoya was committed, was the daily newspaper Die Welt “no doubt” pay to who bears the responsibility for the crime: “Norway is a target for Islamists” This prejudice. was also disseminated by numerous media pieces.

The 1,500-page manifesto of the alleged offender Anders Behring Breivik, who feels the Knights Templar and defender called the Christian Civilization reads like a Who’s Who of international Islam-haters scene: Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch and Stop Islamization of America Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs blog with her, by Daniel Pipes Middle East Forum, the English Defence League. Also, the operator of the neocon blogs The axis of good Henryk M. Broder, who was consulted before the Interior Committee of the Bundestag as the “expert” ideological reference is proved.

Megaphone of Islam-hatred

An even more pressure fresh study of the U.S. Democrats affiliated think tank Center for American Progress (CAP), on the occasion of the tragedy in Norway was initiated, but does not occupy a “” great right-wing conspiracy, but “the existence of a” well-connected group of disinformation experts, the population through the media and organizations manipulated. The protagonist would be offensive to the public as “expert occur,” not even a ban on “existing Sharia demand,” falsely claim that the location of most mosques or Islamic terrorists and their supporters to rush to multiculturalism. This “Islamophobia Megaphone” were responsible, not for anti-Muslim violence, but were “the infrastructure” emerge from the perpetrator as Breivik “,” the study quotes the CIA officer Marc Sageman.

The hate propaganda is funded generously. Since 2001 had, according to the CAP study, $ 42.6 million flowed to the leading anti-Islamic networkers in the U.S.. Among the seven sponsors, mainly neo-conservative foundations, which is also beset with Bradley Foundation, which assisted in the 1990s, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and other bellicose Republicans here, the Clinton administration to attack Iraq.

The driving forces of the concerted anti-Muslim racism and spreading Islamophobia are not on the outer right edge of the Western societies seek. Critical scholars like Robert Lambert, co-director of the European Muslim Research Centre at the University of Exeter have shown that they are much more under the U.S. “neo-conservative architects of the war on terror,” influential academics, politicians, publicists – supported by the Christian right – can be found using the anti-Muslim sentiment as the basis for the legitimacy of military interventions in the Arab world.

So the former stooges of foreign policy guidelines of the Reagan administration, Norman Podhoretz, one of the creators of a phantom, which puts the entire Western world in fear and terror: The “Islamic fascism”, which, according to the Tea Party sympathizers, “strongly influenced by National Socialism and Communists “and was an” affected the Fourth World War “(the third was after 1945” the Left “to assume)” us “lead. That will support up to 15 percent of Muslims. “Not all of them are” criminals and murderers, Podhoretz acknowledges generous one. But still too many, not a “transformation” of Islamic in regions that will Podhoretz. Richard Perle and David Frum argued in 2003 in its programmatic work “put an end to evil: How would win the war on terror,” even the West had no choice. “Victory or holocaust”

In the publications of think tanks (such as the American Enterprise Institute), her by the Australian media titan Rupert Murdoch-financed central organ The Weekly Standard, or in the magazine of the New York Times make prominent neocons no secret of what it primarily goes: “America total war against terrorism is an exercise in imperialism, “conceded the Canadian politician Michael Ignatieff.

Imperialism researcher David Harvey points out that the War ‘on Terror, “a little with the attacks of 11 September to do. That date had only been “open and unilateral military action politically acceptable”. This knowledge according to the sociologist, warns Chris Allen of the University of Birmingham against anti-Muslim ideologies as “Post-9/11-Phänomen” and refers to interpret the report of the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) on hatred for Islam 11 September. Thereafter, “many incidents after 9 / 11 on pre-existing and widespread Islamophobic and xenophobic attitudes due”. The attacks would help “these prejudices only too much more credibility and validity”.

Up into the camp of the Left

Also in Germany the negative image of Islam came already from the 1980s and 1990s, says media researcher Sabine Schiffer. “Especially the foreign reporting of the Iranian revolution in 1979, but also emotional stories, such as (Not without my daughter), Betty Mahmoody in 1991, have more powerful frames set.”

The fact that Henryk M. Broder capitulate diatribe “Hooray, we” of the Federal Agency for Civic Education will be promoted as skipper, making “the proportions of the socially acceptable anti-Muslim racism in Germany” clearly.

In this country there is a very broad Islam-haters spectrum: from the NPD, the New Right and the Party of Freedom, right-wing populists like Thilo Sarrazin, the neoconservatives, even up into the camp of the left one uses the rhetoric of an “Islamic barbarism “the” Muselkolonnen “and” Islamic fascism “- a neologism that according to Islam scholar Sonja Hegasy and the historian René Wild Angel, has the function,” “to defame an entire religion.

Is evidently just that often wanted to – not only by right-wing demagogue: Because “millions of Muslims residing in Western Europe and North America,” the murderous hand work of God’s warriors “not” look without affection, the concrete-editor Hermann Gremliza said already some years, were “good and evil Islam is not a distinction, but an assumption.” The LAC Shalom of Linksjugend Saxony plans have found that anti-Semitism created already in the Koran and the massacre of Jews in Hebron in 1929, which happened in the wake of armed clashes between Arab and Zionist nationalists’, a religious Jew-hatred “was owed by Muslims.

The claim of a hostile stance of Islam towards Jews is especially exlink among many who turned to after the dissolution of real existing socialism, at least since 9 / 11 by neo-conservatism, a strategy the spread of Islamophobia in conjunction with anti-communism. Under the guise of emancipatory agenda of anti-Semitism, anti exploit neocon ideologues of the new by the philosopher Theodor W. Adorno formulated “categorical imperative” (since 1945 the ‘thinking and action is set up so that Auschwitz not repeat anything like it done “) as propaganda weapon for the “War on Terror” of “liberal West” against the alleged Nazi ATTACHING “Umma-socialism” (Stephan Grigat) and its leftist allies, the “Nazi-compatible anti-imperialists” (Matthias Küntzel). Muslims are demonized as anti-Semites and enemies of Israel. Bahamas-author Gerhard Scheit goes from a “threat of repetition of Auschwitz” by radical Islam.

But the best anti-Muslim resentment thrives in the neo-conservative middle-middle.
No critical self-reflection

What to Islamophobic riot bloggers, Michael Mannheimer, Jörg Fischer-Aharon (Haolam), Stefan Herre (Politically Incorrect) sounds like springs that apparently also weaves through conspiracy fear fantasies of Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer AG, and is in the daily newspaper ” The world “under the title” The West and the mocking laughter of the Islamists, “read: The pursuit of a” were “collectivist ideal of fascists, communists and radical Muslims together. The latter hated the “free market” and attempted “first Israel, then America and eventually the entire libertarian west from inside undermine and destroy it from the outside – with parallel societies, suicide bombings and nuclear weapons.”

After the terrorist act in Norway refuses to Islam haters scene any critical self-reflection. On the contrary: The majority responded with cynicism, aggression against its critics – the operator of the blog calls for a 2.0 Nuremberg war crimes tribunal against all ‘left-wing fascists “who were responsible for the” Islamization of Germany “- or self-victimization. The “axis of good” writer Bernd Zeller (“… as if that were something bad to his Islamic opponents, or to hate Islam”) speaks of an “unprecedented persecution” against Islam critic to be silenced, “so beautiful in peace “can be further Islamized.


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