As many of you who know me will be aware, I regularly recieve abuse and insult in response to what I write, say or believe. Unsurprisingly, this happens either when I write something the other person doesn’t agree with or when I say something that goes against what certain individuals expect me of me. As a result, the personal insults and attacks ensue.

I have no problem with this. But – and it’s a big BUT – unlike the vast majority of those who send me insults and abuse, I am big enough to put my name to whatever I contribute to the public spaces. This might be stupidity on my part but never do I hide or shy away from criticism. I’m not scared to stand by my convictions.

And because of this, I NEVER hide behind stupid pseudonyms, fake names or anonymous websites. Unlike most of those who insult and abuse.

So to all of those who cowardly hide behind their keyboards and computers while sending me abusive and insulting emails or the like, I say “man up”. Be brave for once, say who you are and who you’re affiliated to. Break free of your anonymity, liberate yourself from your snivelling cowardice and reveal exactly who you are. Let it be known who you are and what you stand for…!!!

‘Colm’ and ‘’ in particular…now’s the time to man up !!!


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