Following on from last week’s attempts by the Quilliam Foundation to ensure that the narrative and discourse of ‘Islamism’ permeates everything to do with Islam and Muslims in the contemporary setting, I received news today that would suggest that more and more are buying into the ‘Islamist’ agenda.

Having written a chapter for an edited collection provisionally titled “Islamic Movements in Europe: Perspectives on Public Religion and Islamophobia”, I was informed that the publishers IB Tauris have told the editors that the collection will be published with the term ‘Islamic’ replaced with ‘Islamist’. Already they have listed the book on Amazon with the amended title (see here).

Despite my protestations and refutation of any links between Islamism and Islamophobia last week, it now seems that I will be inadvertantly reinforcing the link between the two.

A worrying and unnecessary development.


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