As the Ideas Lab website puts it, each Predictor Podcast features a different academic expert scanning the horizon in their specialist field to give insider knowledge on new trends and key issues. It’s a quick heads-up on what to watch out for over the next 18-24 months, given by those in the know.

Use the link below to listen to the podcast I recorded in October 2010 where I discuss what I think will be the key issues about Islamophobia in the UK, Europe and US over the next few years:

PODCAST: Dr Chris Allen predicts the trends relevant to Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime


One thought on “Ideas Lab Predictor Podcast: Chris Allen speaks about Islamophobia

  1. The hypocrisy of this EDL defies belief, not that it surprises me, no. It arouses other deeper feelings, that I’m sure as fellow muslims we all share.

    But speaking on BBC Radio Derby, Guraming Singh (????!!) from the EDL, said Mr Jones had approached them several times wanting to speak at an event.

    He said: “A few of us have been debating the question of whether we bring him or not and after doing some research and seeing what his personal opinions are on racism and homosexuality, we are not allowing him to speak at our demonstration.

    “He is not the right candidate for us.

    “Although the English Defence League are sincere to what he has to say about Islam, we do not agree with some of his manifesto such as some of his issues with homosexuality and some of his issues with race.

    “The EDL is anti-homophobic and we are a non-racism organisation.”

    I won’t include a like to the EDL facebook site, but it is clear, their purpose anit-islam, anti-muslim. Is there a week that goes by without some sort of slander / demonising / attack on Islam, it is steadily increasing day by day.

    The Quran was also burnt by a student in West Bromwich!

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