In collaboration with the Policy Research Centre – click here to visit their website – a new guide to the Equalities Bill aimed primarily at Muslim communities has today been published.

To view the guide online, click here.

To download a pdf version, click here.

A quote from the guide is reproduced below:

For Muslims and others, recognising the value of equalities legislation is key. To do this, it is important to understand the clear distinction between upholding and respecting the rights of everyone to be treated fairly and not to be discriminated against, and the endorsement and agreement with activities, practices and beliefs that are contrary to your beliefs. Recognising that gay, lesbian and bisexual people need the same levels of protection against discrimination as everyone else, for example, remains quite separate from whether some activities and practices may be deeply offensive to some. In the same way, recognising that Muslims need the same levels of protection as everyone else is again quite separate from requiring everyone to agree and believe in the tenets of Islam. The value of equalities is that everyone is treated fairly and that all forms of discrimination are afforded protection.


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