It’s the 1st December again and with it comes the second birthday of ‘Walls…’, a year that’s witnessed 103 posts (87 down on the first year), 145 comments (again, less than the previous year), and the use of near 2,000 different tags.

Last year I was amazed at the success and popularity of the blog when 35,462 visitors had visited ‘Walls…’ at some time in its first year. This year though, things have been even more amazing. The number of visitors are up as indeed are the monthly and daily averages. More traffic, less posts – what more can you ask for…?

In its second year then, the number of visitors to ‘Walls…’ has been a staggering 63,237.

The monthly average number of visitors has been 5,269 with monthly totals hitting a new high in November 2009 with 8,675 visitors. This was more than double the traffic coming to the site at the same time last year.

The year also saw the blog’s busiest day when on the 10th December 2008, 995 visitors viewed a post about the abuse given to Sol Campbell by Portsmouth fans. Despite the fact that the blog focuses heavily on matters of religion, faith, politics and society more generically, it is typically the football related stories that generate the most traffic as well as the most controversy.

The success of the site though is down to the growing number of people that visit ‘Walls…’ or follow it using RSS feeds. So to each and every one of you, a massive ‘thank you’. Your support is always greatly appreciated and never underestimated.

I also thank all those who come and never return: long may they continue…!!!

So to mark the second birthday, I offer the ‘Top Ten Posts of Walls…2009’. Enjoy:

1. ‘In pursuit of Britishness’: BBC Panorama 25 August 2008 (5,521 hits)

2. Immortalising Jade Goody: a People’s Princess for today (3,156)

3. Being British: is this really the best we can do? (2,892

4. ‘Sol, Sol, wherever you may be’: football abuse and human rights (2,584)

5. Merry Christmas Everybody, everything’s going to be cool (2,270)

6. Where is the Nativity story in the Gospels? (2,149)

7. 9/11 reflections: the revolution was televised now it’s over bye bye (1,802)

8. The Jade Goody Show: the reality versus the hyper-reality (1,702)

9. What I hate about Millwall Football Club, the Club I love (1,586)

10. Have you heard the one about the English and the Carry On films? Speak Out article (1,538)

Roll on year three…!!!


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