Coverage on GEO TV: Europe & Islam – whose identity crisis?

Following on from the debate in the european Parliament a few weeks ago, some footage from GEO TV based in Pakistan (be warned, it’s in Urdu):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 thoughts on “Coverage on GEO TV: Europe & Islam – whose identity crisis?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for all your comments. I’m surprised given your apparent vitriol that you didn’t take the opportunity at the time to voice your concerns at the debate itself especially as you were there and you had the chance to counter all the things that you disliked.


      1. Hi Chris,

        I am not sure that “vitriol” is the right word to describe my views, as I have tried throughout my blogging to keep a positive progressive stance. It was a real shame that I did not have a chance to speak though, there were lots of people there with lots of opinions (which is a good thing in general but means that perhaps the chair could have been stronger at times). I should have written in my piece that your (limited) input was good and appreciated.

        I apologise if my blog painted you in a more negative light than is fair, that was not my intention (it was more to raise the basic point in the blog of the need to have a more flexible understanding of Islam). I may be wrong, but I got the impression that you wished to have the opportunity to reply to more of the comments than you did. I would be very interested in your opinion to hear how you thought it went. Did you have an objective when you agreed to attend the event?

        I hope this finds you happy and well,


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