viceThanks to former student of mine Adam Smith who forwarded this article onto me. Given the BNP’s recent success in the European Elections, it’s good to see that Vice Magazine*** has run a feature on the new breed of BNP voter.

Focusing on the views of Rebecca (23), Jo (19) and Helen (19), we find out in the article that most would prefer to send Tinchy Stryder ‘back home’ than Dizzee Rascal:

Dizzee Rascal. I know this is gonna sound horrible, because he’s the one who’s the most, like… because, my problem is that when immigrants come over to this country, they try and bring in their own churches and languages. And I think he expresses himself more as like an African or whatever he is, whereas Tinchy Stryder is more American. That’s the difference.

And that Birmingham should be turned over to immigrants:

because it’s full of them anyway

When asked whether immigrants should be sterilised on entry to the UK, Helen from Newcastle added:

Um, yeah, I think so.

An amazing article and a truly staggering insight into the understanding of people drawn to the BNP.

To read the article in all its glory, click here.

*** Please note that some of the content on the Vice Magazine website may be seen to be highly offensive to some people and may not be suitable for people under a certain age.

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