BNP-Rosette“The British National Party have played on people’s fears …and we’ll have to work to tackle the fear that lead to people to vote BNP”
Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman,

“All politicians should be asking themselves ‘how did we allow this to happen?'”
Shadow Defence Secretary of the Conservative Party, Liam Fox

Too little, too late as ever.

And isn’t this why people – ordinary people – have voted for the BNP?

Isn’t it because the mainstream parties have disconnected from the very people that were put in power to serve?

A tragedy and a farce.

You cannot blame the BNP and you cannot blame the people that voted for them. Blame instead the politicians that repeatedly dismissed the BNP with nonchalent arrogance and ignored the people that needed help and support and who ultimately felt that had no other choice.


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