Sleepwalking to Success: indicators suggest percentage gains for BNP

bnp-jesusEarly indicators are suggesting that the BNP have made massive gains in terms of percentage votes.

Whilst these percentages are taken from the local council elections that have been declared so far, anecdotal evidence suggests that even greater numbers have voted for them in the European elections.

Given that the Euro elections are held on a proportional representation system – as per the Greater London Assembly where the BNP gained a seat with less than 7% of the votes just last year – similar percentages would see them gain a significant number of MEPs.

Having said that, these are selected results and should only be seen to be indicative.

Headlines from the results available at time of writing

The BNP has come second in the Broxbourne County Council elections, beating both Labour and Lib-Dems;
The BNP has beaten Labour in ten East Midlands region local elections;
The BNP has beaten the Lib-Dems in four East Midlands region local elections;
The BNP has beaten the Lib-Dems in one seat in their Bristol South West region stronghold.

Results from specific wards

Broxbourne, Hertfordshire:
BNP second with 17% of vote

Harlow South East:
BNP 14.1%

Harlow North:
BNP 12.9%
* The BNP has never stood here before. The vote is double the BNP’s previous Euro election result in this area.

BNP second with 16.6% of vote

Spalding East & Moulton:
BNP third with 20.5% of vote

Spalding West:
BNP third with 13.6%

Boston North West:
BNP second with 20.6% of vote

Ruskington & Cranwell:
BNP third with 14.3% of vote

Lincoln Birchwood:
BNP fourth with 14.3% of vote

BNP fourth with 13.03% of vote

St George East:
BNP third with 17.39% of vote

Radcliffe West:
BNP third with 16% of vote

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