bnp-jesusFor a party routinely and regularly villified as anti-Semitic, the British National Party (BNP) have gone above and beyond the call of duty this week to try and convince British voters that they have parted company with their old ways.

To get people to vote for them in the European elections on Thursday June 4th, the BNP have this week unveiled a series of billboard posters featuring the world’s best known – and probably best loved – Jew: Jesus.

Alongside an image of Jesus, the poster quotes a part of a verse from John’s Gospel (15:20) in which Jesus says:

“If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you”

An e-bulletin from BNP leader Nick Griffin adds that this verse is in the context of Jesus’ teaching about love. Who knew that Mr Griffin was such a theologian?

Aside from the humour of the BNP using a Jew to promote itself – maybe they didn’t realise – a more insidious message underlies the advertising campaign. As Griffin’s e-bulletin goes on to add:

“The British National Party is the only political party which genuinely supports Britain’s Christian heritage. It is the only party which will defend our ancient faith and nation from the threat of Islamification.

“What has become of the Christian church in this country? Instead of inclusively ‘embracing all’ which the church claims is its basis, certain groups within that body have banned people from their ranks simply because of their membership in the British National Party.

“Surely if God calls a man to his service, no church has the right to contradict HIS holy will! For many years, the churches in this country scrupulously avoided being politically biased. Nowadays however we see a small number of clerics and bishops openly preaching hatred towards the BNP.

“Church leaders actively shun the word of God on issues like sodomy, abortion and social justice.

…our European election billboard aimed at attracting even more Christian voters. Jesus was viewed as a revolutionary figure, hated and hounded to death, not by ‘evil men’ but by the corrupt hypocrites who ran the church. Has nothing changed in two thousand years?

Apologies, Griffin isn’t the theologian previously thought as the ‘church’ clearly didn’t exist 2,000 years ago. Maybe he was trying to be ‘PC’ and not mention that the ‘evil men’ were those who ran the (Jewish) temple…he goes on:

“On June 4th, the leaders of Britain’s churches will find out that millions of good decent people support the British National Party.

“It’s not racist to support British jobs for British workers or to be opposed to militant Islam, it’s just common sense and in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The good news then is that the BNP are seemingly softening in their stance towards anti-Semitism, but scratch the surface, and the racism (British jobs for [white?] British workers), homophobia (shun the word of God on sodomy), and Islamophobia (too many references to mention) continue.

What would Jesus do…??? Probably not vote for the BNP.

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19 thoughts on ““We Love Jews”: The BNP’s Euro Election Campaign

  1. Clearly neither a theologian or an historian, given that Christianity is an ‘imported’ religion to the UK, much like the other religions of modern day Britain.

    It is interesting to note, also, that Jesus believed in fairness (see Jesus and the money changers, found in most good gospels) and defended the minorities of society who where oppressed. Whilst the BNP could claim they are persecuted, they are would be oppressors of many different segments of society…why not “Love thy neighbour?”

  2. I’m afraid I have to clarify this. The BNP remains not only anti semitic, but also anti ALL NON WHITE people.

    Nick Griffin seeks to deny the Holocaust and he always has. He even criticised infamous revisionist David Irving, when Irving finally and reluctantly acknowledged that ‘some jews did die in the gas chambers’!

    Don’t take my word for it, though. Just check out the detailed post on them here where I have included numerous facts and comments made BY the BNP.

    Nick Griffin, let us recall, was found guilty of incitement to racial hatred back in 1988 – for the rabid anti Jewish sentiment expressed in the magazine he edited, ‘The Rune’.

    The BNP is a neo Nazi organisation and always has been.

  3. I am not a religious person by any means and would never wish to become so, but I do agree with BNP policy spanning various issues. In my view, just because people are opposed to multi-culturism, mass-immigration and political correctness – I fail to see how that makes them ‘RACIST’. In many respects, one could equally argue that multi-culturism, etc, is a discriminatory form of imposition – because it seeks to throw variety into a mix that just wants to stay plain. Mono-culture societies work, multi-cultural socieities fail. This is why when we are forced together we quickly re-congregate back into our own, familiar groupings. This is natural, not racist. For example, seagulls flock together in their own groups and do not mix or interact on any level with other forms of wildlife, but does this mean that all seagulls regard all non-seagulls as being inferior to them, just because they don’t share in their group? In addition, you look at many Asian and Muslim, etc. communities in the UK and the trend is – they stick in their own groups and very rarely interact with ‘DIFFERENT NOT INFERIOR’ people. This is the point I am trying to make, people of different cultures and religions can live in peaceful harmony with each other, but because religions and cultures are different – they make the people of them as different, not equal. I vote for the BNP, not because I am racist or intolerant, but rather a REALIST who would prefer to acknowledge a cold truth than a convenient lie.

  4. Leigh – I’m sure you mean well but I promise you: if you do give YOUR vote to the BNP, then you might as well BE a racist, because you will be supporting a racist group.

    Do you agree with Holocaust Denial?
    The BNP does. Nick Griffin routinely denies the Holocaust.

    Do you agree in kicking out of the UK all Jewish, Black, Asian and Gay people?
    The BNP does – and will do just that if they ever get into power.

    Is that the type of Britain you want to live in…?

    If you are not a racist then there is no rationale for supporting the BNP.

    What we all need to do is pressure the mainstream parties to STOP this endless tide of immigration and to STOP banning things because they are ‘too british’ or ‘too christian’!

  5. Jew with a view.
    Prove to Paul Maleski, that 6 million jews were murdered by gassing, with zyclon B, during the second world war! These allegations are as preposterous, as they are insulting to the Russian Slav. And you know it! God bless Mother Russia.

  6. PAUL

    I don’t need to ‘prove’ the Holocaust, any more than I need to ‘prove’ that 9/11 happened. The Holocaust remains one of the most thoroughly documented events in recent history. I doubt the Germans themselves would TEACH it as a topic if they had the slightest bit of proof that it is, as you suggest, a fabrication.

    The onus is not on anyone to ‘prove’ the Holocaust. The onus is on people like YOU to stop denying an objective historical FACT. The Holocaust happened. DEAL WITH IT.

    1. I’m not sure why anyone needs to PROVE the Holocaust did or did not happen. My understanding is that there is almost complete acceptance that it did.

      As such, I’m not going to post any more comments about Holocaust denial – go find some other forum to continue arguments that are ridiculous.

      They’re not wanted – or needed – here…


  7. Attending a BNP meeting last year for the very first time, just after the trouble in Cologne Germany where Antifa and Islamist supporters were attacking elderly Jewish men calling them Nazi’s as they put their boots in.

    It was a lovely summer sunny evening, I sat speaking about the trouble in Germany to a middle aged Gentleman.

    Eventually he took from inside his sweater the star of David that hung around his neck,
    His two sons were in the Israeli army when they have done their duty both will return home to England.
    Smiling he added, and both are members of the BNP just as i am.

    That evening he introduced me to approx six other Jewish couples.

    You mix up Racism with culturalism, while both are natural the latter is a necessity should you wish your race and culture to survive!!

    We don’t see Japan, Bangledesh,Pakistan etc flooding their nations with other races and cultures, so why should the Western world do this to satisfy some Fabian ispired Utopia that will end in disaster!

    Mr Griffin does not routinely deny the Holocaust but don’t let the truth get in your way.

    Freedom means, freedom to vote for whom WE want not whom we are ordered to vote for.
    Thats’ Fabian Fascism!!

    By the way Hitler WAS a Socialist, try researching the subject, and not allowing your mind to be brainwashed by the CP spouting BBC or a Fabian Westminster Cabal.

    The BNP does not want to kick out all people of other colours’ that sheer lies.
    Those that have been here working and settled within a family life, will not be removed at all.
    Are you not aware that todays’ Government has a relocation policy?

    Terrorists- etc would be removed and quite right too.
    Asylum seekers although Britain is far from their next safe country, would be judged on merit.
    What has been allowed to happen to this country over the past few decades is EVIL!

    Anyone that condones it, to my mind is evil too.
    Destroying a nations culture and peoples by dilution is ethinc cleansing in anyones language!


    300 Fabians in Westminster…Sweet!

  8. What we all need to do is pressure the mainstream parties to STOP this endless tide of immigration and to STOP banning things because they are ‘too british’ or ‘too christian’!

    Thats called Communism…2010 the EUMED will start it’s flood Europe Policy – then what?

    What a shame no politician honest enough to discuss this issue, after all it was signed upto in 1995/6 by the Torys’
    2007 Miliband and Sarkozy play the part of softening up Europeans with a small mention of it in passing claiming it to be a new fresh Sarkozy idea.
    When it’s been on table since the 1973 Oil embargo.
    And now it’s payback time for all that oil.

    EU Spends trillions on this venture, Trillion of hard earned money from the UK and Europes’ peoples.
    Just imagine were the EU books ever audited, how would they explain that away.

    They played for time, and have almost got away with it.
    With ratification of the Fabian Fascist EU treaty.

    Europe and the UKs Nightmare will begin.

    Folk like you have helped by allowing your mind to be used as their tool.

    Lawful Rebellion..Long Live The UNITED KINGDOM.

    ONE NATION UNDER CCTV…Thats’ Fascism for you!!

    Ban this- Ban that…do this- not that- think this not that-

    What would the BNP do, all whats’ already been done, or would they import Hitlers 1933 Enabling act also?

    Sorry that was Blairs parting 2006 gift our very own Nazi bill.
    Nodded though parliament with only one protest,
    David Howarth LIB-DEM, his one voice wasn’t enough.
    And now the executive has all the power it needs.
    With the stroke of pens ink. Camps could be set up just as Hitler used it for.
    Laws they don’t like can be erased.

    Then you try to frighten people over the BNP when the evil is already in Westminster.

    1929 Try reading an American copy not British a book by the then Lord chief justice opf England Lord Hewart ” The New Despotism”

    Fabians working away within to subvert our laws and destroy our constitution.

    Strange how MPs Colluded in this!

    Thatcher tried to De-Fabianise the place but she was over powered by them.

    Many bankers are Fabians, now work that one out.
    A party claims to be a workers party- yet it is not.

    We follow John Maynard Keynes Economics apart from being a Fabian he also loved little boys.
    CFR USA- A Fabian Baby.
    The UN was originally the league of nations Fabian set up.
    Court of international justice- Fabian.
    East India Company.Fabian.
    Obama..Fabian- but then so was Mc Cain.
    Rudd OZ PM Fabian..
    NWO= Fabian set up.

    Research is good- try the Fabian LSE there are plenty papers there to read.

    USA Senator recently asked this question after stating that i’m not disputing what you have done or said: What i am asking is, Who are you working for.

    Every labour PM has been a Fabian..
    Fabians not solely in one party.

    Start hunting these real Fascist down before they come searching for anyone that disagreed with them.

    Tit bit..Hitler gained his knowledge of Eugenics from the Fabians. like Galton.

    Did you expect them to tell you what they were about..

    Churchill was 100% when he said: Fascism would return to Europe in the guise of anti Fascism.

    Were you aware- doubt it– 2008 every single MP was sent a copy of 1984 telling them it was a warning not a blueprint…………

    Orwell had been a Fabian for a short period. 1984 was the Fabians 100th anniversary.

    You’d think the BBC would have covered such an event.
    Why do you think they didn’t?

    Lawful Rebellion Our Right- 1689 English bill of rights.
    Taught in schools until the Fabian PM Wilson removed it’s teaching.
    Can’t have a population that knows their rights can we?

    Bank scams are nothing…the MOD a company..ACPO and Westminster MPs A for profit corporations…………

    Using Terror threats and the BNP—WORKS IT OCCUPYS YOUR MIND I SEE…………..BUT NOT MINE……………WE WATCH THEM!!


    QUITE MPs?

    google the name ELIZABETH BECKETT………EDUCATE YOURSELF. The lady died February 2009.
    Namaste a good place to start.
    Were you aware, the Queen is no longer head of state.
    She’s just The Lady of Europe.
    A parasite still taking our taxes.

    Just a very few things to think about…who knows’ you may wake up and join the BBC Refusnixs……..something illegal but covered up.

    The whole place is corrupted and you go on about the BNP……………SAD!

  9. Jesus was not jewish, he was gaelian he did not like the jews who were called phraries untill they changed their name,
    jesus never read from the tora or celebrated any of the festivals so how could he have been jewish? where was the Bris in the story of his birth?

    There is a alot of shit going on and all you can think about is the BNP when there the only ones trying to sort out this mess.

  10. Ok Jews and Mr “Token” Singh, why don’t you go to the pub with your new BNP friends, I’d suspects your “Kippas” and that lonely “Turban” respectively will not stay in place for all that long.

    Have you seen how the average BNP person looks like?? It’s also quite funny that most of the BNP’s “Youtube” Jewish support seems to come from the US.

    Don’t paint the BNP as heroes, they appeal to the lowest common denominator in every single thing they do, as fitting for the demographic they most appeal to. I’m sorry I don’t really see why “occasionally” employed folk should have such opinions that must be pandered to, about the running of the country, just because.

    They have no right to touch the British flag.

  11. In response to a previous comment, I have not given my vote to the BNP and I do agree that their mission statement is probably the shortest suicide note in history. As far as I am concerned, any party which filters membership through the colour of skin is by definition RACIST! For this reason, I will not vote for them. However, as things stand now, I would sooner vote for the BNP than any other political party – if push came to shove. I would also say that in their defence, they do rightly point out the staggering hypocrisy of the mainstream establishment spanning various groups in our society who do precisely the same thing. For example, the ‘National Black Police Association’ and the ‘Metropolitan Black Police Association, etc – selectively recruit ‘black police officers and yet the establishment recognises no contradiction in terms of the underlying RACISM. Can you imagine what would occur in this country if a ‘NATIONAL WHITE POLICE ASSOCIATION was established? Yet there are countless organisations like this established within our country, many of which are state funded, that conduct themselves in this way! Personally, I want a political party that is going to act in the best interests of all its citzens, whatever their colour or religious faith. Above all else, I want a country that will retain it’s national identity to a large extent – free of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in its dealings with foreign people! Remember, people are different from a cultural and religious perspective and differences are a good thing because they inject diversity into life. Without diversity, life would indeed be very predictable and dull and for this reason – I think it is a wonderful thing in itself. However, in the real world (whether one likes it or not) differences have the capacity to cause great conflict because those who favour tradition over change (i.e. maintaining the norm as opposed to changing it) would seek a different outcome for themselves and the society in which they live. Think about it logically, is COMPROMISE a good thing in terms of co-existing with each other for better or worse or could it be that through compromise we deny ourselves the freedom to openly discriminate as and when it suits our own interests and way of life. Is it better to be politically correct and accept all whatever their differences so that we may be called ‘tolerant’ as a society or is it better to be politically incorrect and to bugger with the traditions of other cultures who wish to impose or co-exist with our own, Is there anything written in stone, saying that we have to be tolerant of other cultures? Is it possible to be overly-tolerant to the point of compromising one’s own ideals? These are common questions which often separate the right-wing from the left; The left-wing see themselves as citizens of the world, whereas the right-wing see themselves as citizens of their country. This is a conflict of both value and opinion that cannot be resolved,

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