faffingAs an homage to a post on Mr Moo’s website, here is what ‘Chris Allen’ needs***:

  1. Chris Allen needs motivational tactics
  2. Chris Allen needs to resign
  3. Chris Allen needs to read the book of Genesis
  4. Chris Allen needs to get physically stronger
  5. Chris Allen needs to stop trying to create
  6. Chris Allen needs a hug, a vacation, something
  7. Chris Allen needs a contract offer
  8. Chris Allen needs to find his way out of that nightmare
  9. Chris Allen needs to let us know how many crank phone calls he gets
  10. Chris Allen needs help

Most of which are uncannily relevant.

*** The Rules of the Faff Activity, taken from the Mr Moo website:

Google your first name and the word needs. Put the phrase within quotation marks, i.e., “Your Name needs” and then press search.


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