Birmingham City Council Call for Boycott Action on Israel (Hooray…!!!)

20080209endgazasiege1372Well done to all concerned…!!!

PRESS RELEASE: Birmingham Councillors call for boycott action on Israel

Politicians from all four parties on Birmingham City Council have called on the Council leadership to pursue a policy of instituting sanctions against Israel.

The call, for a boycott of Israeli goods and services, was initiated by Cllr Salma Yaqoob, Leader of the RESPECT Party, and supported by Tariq Khan (Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group), Cllr Tahir Ali (Labour) and Cllr James Hutchings (Conservative).

The City Council, meeting today (13 January 2009), heard politicians from all sides of the chamber condemn the Israeli attack on Gaza. The cross-party statement recommended that the Council Executive lobby the government to permit local authorities to exercise moral, ethical and human rights considerations when awarding contracts.

“This is a significant breakthrough,” says Cllr Yaqoob. “The principle here is moral consistency. It is not that Israel should be singled out for punitive measures, but that it should stop being treated with kid gloves and given diplomatic cover for acting above the law. For too long Israel has felt it can bomb and terrorise innocent civilians with impunity. International pressure on Israel has to be intensified to ensure it adheres to international law and UN resolutions.”

She continued: “One of the factors that helped bring an end to the brutal apartheid regime in South Africa was international pressure for economic, sporting and cultural boycotts. It is time that Israel started to feel similar pressure from world opinion. We will now be pressing the council leadership to act on the strong feelings expressed across the whole of the City Council.”

7 thoughts on “Birmingham City Council Call for Boycott Action on Israel (Hooray…!!!)

  1. Many thanks for all the Free Qaza protest by the noble people in UK, Scottland Irlands, and specilly in Birmingham.
    From many the peace activists in the greater Los Angeles, which have protested agaist the Gaza-seige many months in 2008, and sice Dec-27 by all means agaist the lawless Israeli-regime, and their notoriuos political parties leaders whom y ploted the Gaza-invasion only for their own darken characters interests by the deposed prime minister Olmert known to the world as the butcher of Jerusalem, and the ruthless rank and files thugs in Israeli military, their unhuman actions not only on defenseless women and childerns, but agaist the land creatures in Gaza’s too avidences shows in a tiny strip land in Gaza, from the land which has called Biblical land of Israel. Many God bless the inter-faiths works as a noble cause for a greater understanding, and a vital peace and unity for the mother earth. From: A U.C.L.A Arts school graudate reseacher & poet, golpy raoufi, 1-16-09

  2. Fantastic news let’s hope more councils call for a boycott of Israeli goods and also institutions like schools, unions, universities and churches…..

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