newyear2008So here goes, 2008 has taught me (relevant links added where appropriate…) that:

My life has been in a constant state of flux – something that doesn’t (yet…?) appear to be changing…!

A lot of nastiness, rubbish and nonsense has been thrown my way

You shouldn’t ever get comfortable and think that things are getting better as there’s always something else just around the corner

People get offended about almost anything and everything, here

The weight of expectation resting on the shoulders of Barack Obama seems to be beyond the capabilities of any one human being, here

At the same time, Barack Obama is also (allegedly) the Anti-Christ, here

Greed doesn’t (always) pay and that seeking more will sometimes result in less (about 60% less in fact), here

Normal people can’t get a divorce as quickly as those such as Madonna and Guy Ritchie, here

Fathers are discriminated against in family matters and have a real sympathy with Fathers for Justice, here

Victims of crime don’t get the same amount of support as the perpetrators meaning that you have to sometimes go through the Independent Police Complaints Commission, here

In times of economic downturn, the ordinary people (workers?) don’t matter in the grander scale of things, here

I took someone with an OBE to court and won, here

The white working classes are being discriminated against and suffering from disadvantage in today’s Britain, here

The ‘independent’ evaluation report into the PVE programme in Birmingham by Waterhouse Consulting was a ‘piss-poor’ piece of research (very much like the entire PVE programme), here

The BNP think I’m black, here

Despite being just 16 years old, my eldest daughter Emily is an amazingly strong person, here

Morrissey is a Millwall fan, here

(Some) Millwall fans think that I’m not ‘true Wall’ just because I felt the need to criticise one ‘fan’, here

Sarah Maples is my favourite artist of 2008, here

Jarvis Cocker is not deep but profoundly shallow

Despite being in the Midlands for 19 years, I’ve still got my Cockney accent – and proud of it too !!!

My swearing and recourse to profanity can be justified as being part of my culture, here

Faffing about is good, here

Israel does what it likes because the rest of the world chooses to be impotent towards it, here

And it is alleged that I’m a middle class drip – possibly the worse insult anyone could throw at me…!!! (sorry, can’t find the link to this comment…)

Roll on 2009…!!!


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