Shock and Awe…?

gazaThe appalling situation and the unfolding horror in Gaza has caused me to sit and watch in a sense of shock and awe. Here are the events so far in the words of the British media.

BBC News:

“Three hundred Palestinians, including 56 civilians, are reported to have died since Saturday. In Israel, a second person was killed by a militant rocket..

…The UN relief agency in Gaza says 56 civilians have been killed by Israeli fire so far, the latest being five girls who died in Jabalia refugee camp when Israeli forces bombed a mosque near their home. The head of the emergency services in the Hamas-run coastal strip said that 312 Palestinians had been killed in all, and more than 1,400 others wounded.

“Because Gaza is so densely populated, there is no such thing as a precision strike – you have glass, brick, shrapnel flying into people’s homes,” [Ewa Jasiewicz, an international volunteer] said.

Despite reporting that approximately 307 Palestinians had been killed and that near 1,400 wounded – upping the estimates offered by the BBC – The Telegraph contradicted the BBC’s comment that precision strikes were impossible, opened their reporting by noting how:

“The night skyline was lit up repeatedly by huge explosions as Israeli F- 16s dropped laser-guided precision munitions on targets inside the densely populated of Gaza City and Rafah (italics added)”

Amazing then that The Telegraph also noted how those same ‘precision munitions’ were able to kill:

“four sisters aged from 1 to 12 whose house was hit when Israel tried to bomb a nearby mosque”

Without reaslising, The Daily Mail highlighted how unbalanced the Israeli response to the Palestinians had been:

“militants in Gaza continued to fire dozens of primitive rockets into southern Israel yesterday, causing no injuries although one Israeli was killed on Saturday”

In what appears to be preparations for the next wave of killings in Gaza, The Times noted how:

“Israel sent hundreds of tanks to Gaza’s border and mobilised 7,000 reservists last night as it geared up for a possible ground assault to end rocket attacks on its southern towns”

Despite the heavy number of casualties already incurred, The Times highlighted the gap between the rhetoric and reality of the Israelis:

“Israeli military sources said that their offensive was working and had surprised Hamas with its ferocity and timing. The aim was to destroy Hamas rocket arsenals, metal works and military personnel, while minimising ‘collateral damage'”

The Daily Express added how the Israeli:

“defence minister Ehud Barack [warned] ominously that ‘the time has come to fight’ and [signalled a] willingness to put ‘boots on the ground'”

This was obvious given The Sun’s observation that Israel had already:

“rained more than 100 tons of bombs and rockets on militants in just one day”

Adding that Israeli jets had undertaken their main air assault at the same time that:

“schools broke for lunch, [meaning] at least 20 children and nine women died”

The Mirror noted the impotence of the international community, of how:

“The world looked on in horror…as violence in the Middle East escalated to its bloodiest yet”

And that’s exactly the point: why is it that the world continues to look on whenever Israel chooses to do whatever it pleases?

It is the arrogance of Israel and the way they respond in such heavy-handed and disproportionate ways that make me feel shock and awe…not least because the international community sits back and watches whilst vaguely mumbling about ‘restraint on both sides’ being required.

How do you restrain yourself when a 100 ton of bombs fall on the place where you live in less than 24 hours and when your family and friends are being massacred…?

Please note that I have today deleted a comment made against this post due to the content of the content advocating further violence. I accept that people have the right to call for this type of action although I do not have to agree with it or to give such messages a platform. Thanks for your ongoing support…Chris

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