x_factor_500“Hallelujah…” or indeed not.

The latest mass produced, plucked from obscurity, winner of ITV’s ‘X Factor’ is again guaranteed the Christmas no.1 single. How very, very boring. But even worse, instead of the typical cover version of an old Westlife/ Boyzone/ a. n. other hideous band’s song, this year’s winner – Alexandra Burke – has recorded a truly awful version of the beautiful Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley classic, “Hallelujah”. Given that this song was used in the film ‘Shrek’ and I wasn’t upset by it – in fact, it seemed quite right – this shows how bad this particular version is and the depths to which popular music has stooped.

Having said that, it could have been worse. Had either teen idol, Eoghan (shocking) or appalling boy-band, JLS (even more shocking, if you can believe that) had won and subsequently recorded the song, I would have felt even worse. Violenece probably would have been the only recourse…

In the past six years – excluding the sure fire cert that Alexandra’s versions of ‘Hallelujah’ surely is – four Christmas number ones have come from ITV talent/ reality shows. The last three – plus this year’s – have been from the ‘X Factor’. How sad…?

But who’s to blame…?

It seems that every year, we become a society that increasingly feels the need to be told what to do: what we like, what we don’t like, what we should/ shouldn’t be doing etc. When the Government does this, we all feel that they are infringing on our rights to choose (nanny state etc), yet at the same time, we also sit back and allow every Tom, Dick and other marketeer/ publicist/ capitalist shape everything we do. Some of us at least.

And so this year, in an act of total defiance, I call upon ALL free-thinking and independently minded individuals – whilst recognising that our collective efforts are a complete and utter waste of time given the opposition we face from the mass of mindless idiots that constitute the ‘general public’ – to join forces and collectively try and stop the Christmas number one from being another ‘X Factor’ nightmare.

No downloads from I-Tunes, no purchasing of CDs from Zavvi or HMV. Don’t even buy it if it has 10% off at a Woolies closing down sale. Never, never, never…!!!

In the words of the legendary Shakin Stevens’ classic, Christmas is “the season [of] love and understanding…”. So show some love and understanding and make a decision for yourself and buy the music that YOU like…!!!

I promise you, you don’t need Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh to tell you what that is…

‘The 12 Posts of Xmas’ are a series of posts that will be published between 1 December and 25 December 2008. From tales of woe through humour to mere rants, each post is based around a classic Christmas song – however tenuous that might be…!!!

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