happy-birthday‘Walls…’ is one year old today (or thereabouts). Happy 1st Birthday.

It was about a year I took advice from others and merged my original website with a very poorly written and haphazard blog. Out of this came ‘Walls…’ in its current incarnation, give or take a few colour, style and layout changes.

Before ‘Walls…’ my old static website had 25,878 visitors in just under five years. On something of an unprecedented scale, in the first year of ‘Walls…’ the number of visitors has grown to (as at midnight on the 30 November 2008) 35,462.

But this only presents half the picture.

Last December – the first full calendar month that the site was up and running – ‘Walls…’ had 925 visitors. In November 2008, the number of visitors reached a new high, totalling 4,290.

In December 2007, the average number of visitors per day was 30. Last month, this figure had reached 143.

And just last week, the number of weekly visitors reached a new high with 1,297 people visiting the site.

In the first year I have written 190 posts, many of which have focused on: Muslims/ Islam and/ or Islamophobia in various guises; Gordon Brown and the Labour Party; Millwall Football Club; the BNP; and more randomly – organised using 1,959 different tags – 2 Tone, 70s British sitcom and the hymn, ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful‘ amongst others.

From these posts, visitors have made 248 comments, all of which have been posted without edit. On numerous occasions, comments have suggested that I have been too critical or unfair. To balance this, I approve ALL comments irrespective of whether they criticise, condemn or – as is sometimes the case – congratulate.

For those who have been less than complimentary read (some) Millwall fans, the BNP (unsurprisingly) and a handful of individuals (see example here): for those more congratulatory, read Mr Moo, Julaybib Ayoub (sometimes…!!!) and an equally large handful of other very nice and kind individuals (see example here).

More recently, nominations for ‘Best Blog’ – in one form or other – have come from Brass Crescent as well as Asia Viz, both of which are great honours. Massive thanks to both organisations for the recognition your nominations afford.

The success of the site though is down to the growing number of people that visit ‘Walls…’. So to all of them (you?), I thank each and every one of you: whether you’ve visited, read and/ or responded to something on this site your support is greatly appreciated and never underestimated. Keep on reading and keep on feeding back – it keeps me on my toes…!!!

I also thank all those who have come and never returned: long may they continue boosting the figures for ‘Walls…’ and make the second year even more successful…!!!




2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday ‘Walls Come Tumbling Down’…!!!

  1. WordPress has placed your blog as header under the tag for Tasneem Project:


    You tag it ONCE, and the name of my four year old website and my current research project is booted from top position just you get lots of readers and my incomprehensible babblings get hardly any. It’s an outrage, I tell you! I’ll let you off this time.

    I second Mr Moo. Amazing dude.

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