chrisThis week I’ve…

…watched ‘Borat the Movie’ on the DVD including the ‘censored’ scenes

…listened to Jack White & Alicia Keys’ “Another Way to Die” (the theme tune from the latest James Bond film, ‘Quantum of Solace’)

…read Waterhouse Consulting Group’s ‘independent’ evaluation of Birmingham City Council’s PVE Pathfinder programme (Note to Readers: click here to download)

…laughed about so many things that I can’t remember any of them (Note to Self: write down the things you laugh at…)

…despaired at watching Harry play football in ridiculous amounts of rain and hail in Wolverhampton – nice

…had hope about Labour returning to its Socialist roots and taxing the rich…!!!

…been completely random about the blue-bottle that quite inadvertently divebombed into my coffee in Starbucks, Selfridges Birmingham (Note to anyone who may be remotely interested: Aren’t blue-bottles supposed to have all died by the end of November…???)

Interested in what I’ve been doing previously…??? Then click here


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