It’s reported that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has “unanimously rejected” an offer from the British National Party (BNP) to form an electoral pact at next year’s European elections.

UKIP says that ex-tennis star, Buster Mottram – now a UKIP member – made an “astonishing offer” on behalf of the BNP at a meeting in London on Monday.

Under the deal the BNP would fight seats in the north while UKIP would focus on the south in the elections. Whilst the BNP said that a deal made sense, UKIP have publicly stated that it would not work with the BNP.

UKIP, which campaigns for Britain to withdraw from the European Union, says Mottram has since been expelled from the party.

Surprising really given that little more than a year ago, UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage was defending his decision to allow Mottram to join his party and to send an e-mail to West Country MPs that threatened that they could be “decapitated” at the next election if they did not sign up to UKIP’s “Better Off Out” campaign.

Christopher “Buster” Mottram represented Great Britain in the Davis Cup eight times, achieving a highest lifetime world ranking of 15th. Aside from his tennis career, Mottram also came to prominence in the 1970s for being a supporter of the National Front (NF) at a time when it was a more significant force in British politics. Having arrived and subsequently exited UKIP more recently, Mottram has also unsuccessfully applied for the Conservative parliamentary candidacy in several constituencies.

Given his journey from extreme right wing poitics in the seventies to right-wing mediocracy and acceptabily in the noughties, it would seem that only one place remains for Mottram: back in the arms of the neo-Nazis. As BNP spokesman Simon Darby noted, the approach had been made:

…with a view to ending this ridiculous situation of splitting the anti-Euro federalist vote.

We are aware there are people very highly placed in UKIP who are very sympathetic to the logic that the vote could be split, that was where we were coming from.

Someone has to take a lead on this if we are not to continue to be propelled into this federalist monster.

Step up to the line Mr Mottram, the BNP need you.


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