This week I’ve…

…watched the sea at Barmouth in the relative luxury of the warmth and comfort afforded by Brian the Brown Camper Van

…listened to Damien Rice’s “Rootless Tree” (take the hint and the message…!!!)

…read Jeremy Paxman’s ‘The English’ (bear with me, it’s a long book !!!)

…laughed at the absurdity of trying to negotiate with – as Morrissey put it – ‘Certain People I know’ and their complete hypocrisy

…despaired at snow fall in October (and hypocrisy…!!!)

…had hope about being happy, being sincere and being able to hold my head up high in the knowledge that I’ve told the truth and haven’t lied to myself (which maybe doesn’t count for much for some !!!)

…been completely random about missing anniversaries but still smiling nonetheless !!!

Interested in what I’ve been doing previously…??? Then click here


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