Given the recent furore about Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross apparently ‘offending’ more than 30,000 members of British society – only 2 of whom complained of their ‘offence’ immediately after the show was aired – a reliable source has informed me that ‘Chris from Romford’ had a letter published in the Daily Mail yesterday asking:

Would Ross and Brand have done this if Adrian Sachs had been Muslim?

Whilst he probably has a fair point, isn’t it tragic that Muslims are being used as the baseline for what is and what is not ‘offensive’ in today’s British society?

It reminds me of the phrase “What would Jesus do?” (abbreviated to WWJD). Having originally become popular in the US in the 1890s and then again in 1990s, WWJD is a personal motto for thousands of Christian who use the phrase not only as a reminder of their faith but to make the right decisions about their life: what would Jesus do in this situation?

It is a sad indictment that some seem to be suggesting that we need to live by the phrase ‘what would Muslims do’. Given the many postings I’ve made here about the over-reaction and completely irrational response by some Muslims and their organisations to things they find ‘offensive’, to be moving to a situation where this is the benchmark – whether Muslims might take to the street with banners and burn effigies if they were ever in this particular situation – is extremely depressing

Let’s stop trying to make us all the same. Let’s celebrate diversity. And within that, let’s celebrate the right to offend and the right to be offended.


5 thoughts on “Ross and Brand: the Muslim connection

  1. I totally support those concerned members of our community and I’m comforted by the fact that there still is a degree of dignity and respect alive in viewers. My fear is that this reasonableness will be lost as the older generation passes away. As each generation passes this value of respect along with other values will disappear. I’m constantly put off evening viewing by comedians resorting to crudeness when they run out of fresh, innovative ideas, like the crassness that has become “little Britain “or “Ali G” (which I know longer can view due to its content) the latter series being cruder by far.

    But then it struck me. Within the wider discourse of “Freedom of speech”, why ……

    read rest on :

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