Given the ridiculous rise in protests and complaints about being offended, a further two stories have hit the headlines.

The first – overlooked since the 14th October – is of the Fisher Price doll that some parents have claimed makes noises that sound just like it is saying, “Islam is the Light”.

The second – published yesterday – is of the game, LittleBigPlanet. Its makers Sony have postponed the global release of the much-anticipated video game due to concerns that it may offend Muslims after it emerged that a background music track contained two phrases from the Qur’an. Sony have issued an apology for any offence that its use might have caused.

The actual musician behind the music included on the soundtrack, Toumani Diabate, has explained that the music should not be removed because the inclusion of verses from the Qur’an  is his “way to attract and inspire people toward Islam.”

The whole affair is somewhat staggering. Diabate’s song – which is related to the death of a hippopotamous – was initially flagged on the official PS3 message boards by a solitary Muslim gamer who found the inclusion of two verses from the Qur’an in the song to be troubling and offensive. He then asked Sony to remove the song from the game, which Sony agreed to do after taking advice from two Islamic scholars. Amazingly, only three people worldwide were involved in something that has probably costs millions. Without any doubt whatsoever, a complete and utter over-reaction in the very extreme.

This will, for the time being at least, be the end of stories about banning, offending and protesting about either or both. There really is little more to be said.


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