As some will remember, I was invited to attend the Cabinet Meeting in Birmingham a few weeks ago.

One of the objectives of this exercise was that everyone who attended was able to put forward a question about Birmingham or the West Midlands. If there wasn’t enough time for these to be answered during the event, then we were reassured that we would be contacted after the meeting with an answer to our question.

Today I was fortunate enough to receive the ‘reply’. You can download the reply – in the form of a pretty hefty report – by clicking here.

However, as you will see, it does not answer any questions about PVE (preventing violent extremism), the issue that my question sought to address. Oh well, no silly gimmicks there then Gordon…

Below is the text from the e-mail received direct from the Prime Minister:

Thank you for participating in the Cabinet public meeting in Birmingham on 8 September. It was an historic occasion, and, following your feedback as well as my Cabinet colleagues’, one we would like to repeat in the future.

I promised that I would send you a report on the issues raised at the meeting and the Government’s response to them. This has been discussed by Cabinet. If you have submitted a specific question on a postcard at the event you will also receive an answer directly from the relevant Cabinet Minister.

The Government is keen to develop new ways of involving people in its work because we know our policies are stronger as a result. On behalf of my Cabinet colleagues, I would like to thank you for your contribution to this process. I hope you found the meeting as enjoyable and worthwhile as we did.

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