Having ventured ‘up North’ to Warrington today (big up the Warrington Massive), I was reassured to see that the British Army were out on the streets. No, there wasn’t a terrorist plot in sight or a peasant’s revolt against the Brown government. There wasn’t even a Countryside Alliance supporter to be seen (in the words of Chris T-T, ‘give him one for me’). Instead, the Army were on the streets as part of a recruitment drive. Not just any recruitment drive I hasten to add, but one that was suggesting that by joining the Army you could beat the current economic gloom and avoid the high levels of unemployment in the area.

What they forgot to publicise however was the fact that to do so you have to train to kill and fight in illegal wars: wars that has cost so far something in the region of $600 billion (economic crisis? What crisis?). Simple really, isn’t it?

And then if you read the really small print, it also says that you will be putting your life at risk from ‘insurgent attacks’ or just plain old ‘friendly fire’.

But hey, ‘your country needs you’ so who am I to tell you otherwise. For Queen and country of course.

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This work by Chris Allen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. Based on a work at www.chris-allen.co.uk.


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