I have on this blog openly criticised the way in which some Muslim organisations go about complaining and campaigning (read here ‘Some People are Gay. Get Over It’ or ‘Revisiting the Relationship between Muslims and Red Ken’ for examples of this type of criticism). Unfortunately, I’m going to do this again…

As I wrote in the first of these articles:

No matter how many times Muslims apologise, you’re not going to convince anyone of anything different…repeatedly trying to appease society in phoney and patronising ways, rarely – if indeed ever – achieves its intended outcome.

This observation became even more real this week with the publication in the Guardian newspaper entitled, ‘Daily Mail agrees Peace Deal with Poles‘. As the articles states:

The Daily Mail has reached a peace deal with Britain’s Polish community over its coverage of the ethnic minority following negotiations brokered by the Press Complaints Commission.

This deal comes after the Polish Federation of Great Britain lodged a formal complaint with the PCC that the newspaper had defamed Poles working in Britain, accusing the Daily Mail of printing articles that gave rise to “negative emotions and tensions between the new EU immigrants and local communities”.

The Mail rejected the accusation, but after negotiations conducted via the PCC it has agreed to remove some articles from its website and alter others.

Associated Newspapers’ flagship daily will also run a letter from the Federation of Poles of Great Britain and a longer version of the letter as a blog post online tomorrow.

What is interesting is that with a united voice, a tempered (rather than temper) approach, and through using the correct channels for complaint, the Poles – or the Federation of Poles in Great Britain (FPGB) – have been able to get the Daily Mail to remove some articles from its website, alter others and have a letter of complaint published in the newspaper. Who would have thought this of the Daily Mail…?

And evidence that a balanced approach actually works…??? Of course it is, without any doubt whatsoever.

Unlike Muslim community organisations that prefer to shout their message and act in such ways that they ‘compete’ with other Muslim organisations, the FPGB has thought out its complaint and acted accordingly. To (mis)quote Spike Lee, the Poles ‘did the right thing’ !!! Muslim organisations – unfortunately – do not seem to be able to do this: they do the ‘wrong thing’ every time.

As with the campaign run by Stonewall, instead of kowtowing and apologising to get their rights, Muslims must recognise that they have rights. Full stop.

Likewise, when it comes to campigning and complaining, they have to work together and do things without threats, fear or intimidation. And more importantly, learn to do things the right way.

If the Poles can do it, why not the Muslims…???

To reiterate the observation earlier, and to re-write it also…’Repeatedly trying to shout at society in threatening and disunified ways, rarely – if indeed ever – achieves its intended outcome’.

The solution then…???

Do the right thing.


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