I’ve been informed that the BNP have written about me on their ‘Birmingham Patriot‘ website. Pasted below is the article…enjoy the notoriety that I’m acquiring even though I didn’t actually say these things !!!

Does the ‘B’ in BRAP actually stand for ‘Black’?

The Birmingham Race Action Partnership (BRAP) is in the news again, this time for criticising a new stop and search policy. BRAP are upset because the government want to deploy the tactic in crime hotspots and unfortunately here in Brum some of these happen to be areas dominated by black people.

BRAP are not happy about this and claim that it could result in a repeat of Handsworth-style riots. This predictable whingeing follows Gordon Brown’s announcement that he is considering adopting new powers that no longer require police to fill out paperwork every time they stop a member of the public. At the moment police officers have to take down particulars every time they stop someone, regardless of whether the individual is consequently placed under arrest. These details include the ethnicity of the person being stopped, a requirement that enables the establishment to identify if certain groups are being specifically targeted.

Another provision is that officers have reasonable suspicion to carry out the search in the first place, but this is also for the chop if Brown gets his way. The two proposed changes drew the following response from BRAP spokesman Chris Allen:

“This has been a contentious issue in British policing for some time. Since the early 1980s, many have questioned the high proportion of black and minority ethnic people being stopped and searched by police. Recent figures show that black people were four times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people. It is to prevent this type of racial profiling that rules around reasonable suspicion were first introduced. Without the requirement to demonstrate this, past experience would suggest that racial profiling is likely to increase. This could result in the police running a grave risk of further alienating and even criminalising ethnic minority communities. Reasonable suspicion was introduced to address the concerns of people involved in riots like Brixton and Handsworth. We must not forget that history can teach us a valuable lesson and so cannot ignore the risks that go hand in hand with racial profiling of suspects.”

Mr Allen and his colleagues are well aware that non-white areas form many of the crime hotspots and for instance it would be nigh on impossible for officers to find a white person to stop and search on the Soho Road. It is almost as if the black leaders of BRAP have an axe to grind where the police are concerned. They are not only playing the race card, but displaying a grudge held from the eighties and insinuating that their community will react violently.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to argue that stop and search paperwork is needlessly excessive and keeps officers away from proper police work. If, as a consequence, black people are stopped in an area dominated by blacks and which has a high level of crime committed by blacks then so be it. Would we create the same rumpus if white people were being stopped in an area dominated by whites and which had a high level of crime committed by whites?

Then again, we don’t have a ‘victim’ mentality when it comes to criminals of our own ethnic background.


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