The Gordon Chronicles: Cherie oh Baby…

The Gordon Chronicles are an occasional series that map how the Prime Minister’s leadership skills are being put to good use to overcome the complete and utter travesty of the local elections and his handling of a terminally ill Labour Party – in a nice way of course…

Poor old Gordon, could it get any worse…??? Given the recent cock-ups that have been unfolding left, right and centre, now Cherie Blair has waded into the action announcing in a serialisation of her “surprise early release” book in the Times, that her husband – and Gordon’s eternal thorn in his side – Tony Blair is giving the incumbent Prime Minister advice.

As a Thatcher for the New Labour generation – i.e. Blair is going to keep raising his ugly (literally) head every time there is a new leader of the Labour Party so as to either support or oppose a la Margaret Thatcher following her long overdue ousting from number 10 – what ‘advice’ is Tony giving…???

Suggest that you’re going to call an election no more than 48 hours before the start of a Conservative Party conference…???

Scrap the 10p tax rate – that’ll get those poor bastards working harder…???

Go on American Idol – I went on the Catherine Tate Show and look where it got me…???

Be George W Bush’s friend even though you’d previously been a little ‘cool’ with him – at least you’ll have a big bully to stand behind when everyone else is against you…???

And then, when you’ve done all this, I’ll get Cherie to ‘leak’ it to the press that I’m advising you – it’s a sure fire winner…!!!

Another winning strategy from the leader’s leader…!!!


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