‘The Gordon Chronicles’ is an occasional series of posts that highlight the clarity of leadership that Gordon Brown offers the country. No dilly dallying from him, no way…

Following the political meltdown after the massacre at the ballot boxes for last week’s local and London elections, not to mention the quagmire over a Scottish referendum yesterday, today our non-dilly dallying Prime Minister decided to get back to the serious stuff and appeared as a guest on ITV’s ‘This Morning’.

He told This Morning’s viewers that the “the most important thing is being a good father and a good parent”, adding that he felt that he was “doing well” and that his family was “very hopeful” about the future. Good job they are…

A Labour Party spokesperson said that they were pleased with the appearance but because of the scrapping of the 10p tax rate, many of This Morning’s traditional audience were having to make cut backs and so fewer people tuned in than anticipated.

Glad you’re fighting back with a strong political message – another winner Gordon, well done…


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