Following the success of Richard Barnbrook in winning a seat on the London Assembly for the BNP after getting 5.3% of votes, I thought that I would trawl the BNP’s current manifesto to see what Mr Barnbrook has in store for Londoners…here are some of the delights:


The BNP’s policy is to:

  • deport all the two million plus who are here illegally.
  • deport all those who commit crimes and whose original nationality was not British.
  • offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently.
  • stop all new immigration except for exceptional cases.
  • reject all asylum seekers who passed safe countries on their way to Britain.


The BNP’s policy is to:

  • deport the tens of thousands of foreign criminals to serve their sentences abroad.
  • make prisons more austere and make criminals serve their full sentences.
  • use electronically tagged ‘chain gangs’ to provide labour for projects such as coastal defences.
  • introduce automatic prison sentences for all repeat offenders.
  • give judges the option of the death penalty for premeditated murder where guilt is incontrovertible (eg. through DNA evidence).
  • put police back on the streets and remove the political correctness shackles from them.
  • allow victims of crime full freedom to defend themselves and their property.


The BNP’s policy is to:

  • strengthen our conventional forces.
  • retain a genuinely independent nuclear deterrent and produce all our weaponry in Britain.
  • only commit British forces when British national interests are at stake.
  • preserve and restore our historic County Regiments.


The BNP’s policy is to:

  • remove unsightly overhead power lines from beauty spots and bury these underground.
  • ban the ritual slaughter of animals without pre-stunning, and the sale of such meat.
  • eliminate the unhealthy, energy intensive and cruel factory farming of livestock.
  • abolish all ‘stealth taxes’ and other charges on household rubbish collections.


The BNP’s policy is to:

  • restore discipline – including corporal punishment – uniforms, traditional teaching methods and stricter exams (eg. ‘O’ levels).
  • reintroduce grammar schools with entrance exams at 11 and 13.
  • reverse the closure of special needs schools which penalises the most vulnerable.
  • reintroduce competitive sports and daily Christian assemblies.
  • ensure all students are literate and numerate and are taught British history.
  • abolish fees and restore full grants to university students studying proper subjects.
  • improve school food as proper meals have been shown to be linked to behaviour and achievement. Food should be sourced from local suppliers whenever possible.
  • end the scandalous and racist neglect that has left working class white boys at the bottom of the table for academic achievement.
  • give home-schooling parents tax-breaks or their fair share of the education budget.
  • introduce a compulsory Community Award Scheme for all school-leavers to teach them work ethics and social and community values.


The BNP’s policy is to:

  • abolish ‘anti-discrimination’ laws which prevent people from making a free choice.
  • abolish all restrictions on traditional free speech; common law provisions against incitement to violence are the only proper limits in a free society.
  • reject ID cards, intrusive surveillance and the retention of DNA samples of the innocent.
  • introduce an English parliament within the United Kingdom.


The BNP’s policy is to:

  • make all benefits and social housing only available to British citizens.
  • introduce a system of workfare for those on unemployment benefit for more than six months with compulsory work and training in return for decent payment.
  • make length of residency in an area the key criterion for council house allocation

Good luck London…


13 thoughts on “Vote BNP and this is what you get…

  1. Facism riddled with socialist ideals lol pathetic! what next ban Islam too lol as a white british muslim i feel i have the right to halal and kosher meat so thats two fingers up to the bnps ideals about banning so called ” ritual slaughter of animals without pre-stunning”

    BNP stands for Braindead nazi party!

  2. facism? why would you care about animals when in your cult women mean nothing.islam is a lot closer to the nazi’s than the BNP,Fact. islam means peace,not Fact.

  3. This is a great success against the corrupt Labour government and the Tories.
    For years, we have been lied to, our views ignored and treated like second class citizens.
    If you want this change people UNITE as one and vote for a government that offers us change not political parties that represent the rich and think nothing but their weekly wages.
    Think BNP!!

  4. Yep, BNP is for Me!All sounds superb, I await the crushing of Islam from the United Kingdom, people to start taking English once again and children to start learing really useful things at school again, not beat poetry and ghetto rap !

  5. William Corbbet, sadly you live in your own fairytales! Britain is a multicultural society and thats one reality you have to deal with ! The BNP are nothing but a bunch of total racists and biggots, their propaganda is weak pathetic and an insult to the intellect and thats putting it light.

    Islam is also British by the way as true Islam embraces Cultures and all people and as a white British convert myself i am proof of what i say .

    Long Live muliticultural Britain!! Allah hu Akhbar.

  6. “as a white british muslim i feel i have the right to halal and kosher meat”

    Spoken as a true muslim. In other words – totally selfish. Or sociopathic even.
    Of COURSE you don’t care about animals and their suffering – that’s why you became a muslim!
    Being a muslim means never having to say you’re sorry.
    And never having to improve yourself so that you give up your selfishness, and actually start caring about other people…
    What are the rights of women in Islam?
    How about children?
    How about animals?
    None of them HAVE any rights in the cult of Islam.

    “Fascism – A system of government marked by centralisation of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, and suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship.” Therefore, Islam is FASCISM.

    1. Islam does not believe in dictaorship so again you have no facts all you seem to produce is rotton lies and filthy attacks on Islam which is very typical of ignorant people.

      You talk of Womens rights lol like some how Women have rights where you live lol Women in Islam are not only equal but also they are not forced into Work like they are in UK! Women have rights above men in Islam but then again what would you know? you cannot even read the Quran in Arabic let alone read it at all with any substancial depth .

      Islam is actually against any form of facism to be intellectual about it facism didnt even exist at the time of Muhammad so again you fail in your attempt to riddicule what you have no knowledge of lol

      We have a saying in Islam which is :

      Do noy speak of what you do not know for it renders one stupid! this is directed at you by the way just in case you didnt get it!

      La deenakum waliya deen.

  7. I really am in two minds about the BNP, allot of what they propose, I agree with, but some things, I am very opposed to.
    I am all for their introduction of the death penalty, but against their corporal punishment ideas for petty criminals, and children, what’s more, there proposals of `Christan ` assemblies, goes against what I stand against, they don’t want Islam forcing down their throats, and I, as a British citizen, don’t want Christianity forced down my throat!
    Also, their removal of `PC Shackles` from the police, may allow the police to be far more brutal than necessary, a problem which is already visible in some areas. That said, their idea to allow criminals to remain anonymous until convicted,seems like a great idea!

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