‘The Gordon Chronicles’ is an occasional series of posts that highlight the clarity of leadership that Gordon Brown offers the country. No dilly dallying from him, no way…

Gordon Brown has been questioned by David Cameron (Conservative leader), Alex Salmond (SNP leader and  Scottish first Minister), Nicol Stephen (Scottish Lib Dem leader), Brian Donohue (Labour MP) and seemingly Wendy Alexander (Scottish Labour leader) over his support of the same, Wendy Alexander. Unsurprisingly, Conservative leader David Cameron accused him of loosing touch of reality – and control of the Scottish Labour Party (click here for report).

Following Wendy Alexander’s call for an early referendum on Scottish independence, Gordon Brown failed to explicitly support her stance during question time at the House of Commons.

Rivals said Ms Alexander’s position was untenable – but she insisted she had support from party colleagues – most notably the Labour leader himself.

Conservative leader David Cameron accused him of loosing touch of reality – and control of the Scottish Labour Party. He told the Commons: “This is what Wendy Alexander said: ‘I don’t fear the verdict of the Scottish people,’ she told BBC Scotland on Sunday ‘bring it on’, what else could that possibly mean?” He went on to ask if the prime minister agreed with Ms Alexander that there should be a referendum now on independence.

“It is not what she has said,” Mr Brown replied. Responding to Mr Cameron’s letter, he added: “Wendy Alexander and I are agreed that all parties in favour of the Union have a duty to expose the hollowness of the SNP’s position: claiming they favour independence, yet wanting to postpone any referendum. I thought the Conservative Party would welcome such an approach.”

Ms Alexander told BBC Scotland: “The prime minister and I are agreed on the need to expose the hollowness of the SNP’s position, which is to claim they favour independence and yet not be willing to bring forward the referendum.

“I have the support of the prime minister, the Labour group of MSPs and indeed many MPs and party members in harrying the SNP for the hollowness of their position.”

But Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said something now “had to give” before adding, “…the positions of Wendy Alexander and the prime minister are incompatible. This claimed agreement is clearly not there. Either she has to go, he has to go or they both have to go and I suspect he wants to stay so I think she’s now in a very difficult position.”

Scottish Lib Dem leader Nicol Stephen added: “This is very close to meltdown. Nobody knows what Labour stands for any more and its leadership is in disarray.”

Well there you go, that’s clear then Gordon…not a hint of dilly dallying !!!


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