2007’s Most Annoying People

An entirely and unashamedly biased list of my most annoying people of 2007…

Richard Dawkins

A man who condemns religion and almost any belief that doesn’t match his own. Self-righteous to the extreme, arrogant, bigoted and rude, Dawkins demands everybody accept his own form of rampant atheism in a way that any religious person doing the same for their particular belief would be roundly attacked and criticised by him. Hypocritical, nasty and insidious !!! The worrying thing for me though is that you can buy his books in ASDA – what next, Richard Dawkins’ ‘I Hate God’ on the Richard & Judy book-club reading list…???

Jade Goody

Despite being from Bermondsey (pause for a moment of fanciful reminiscing), Jade Goody epitomises the fact that in today’s society, far too many people are famous for doing, being or achieving nothing. 2007 saw her being particularly annoying when invited to go into this year’s ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother house she then decided that it would be a vote winner to call Shilpa Shetty ‘Mrs Poppadom’ or something as equally hilarious. Add into this category Jo from S Club 7 (wow) and Danielle Lloyd (who I remotely liked because of her association with Teddy Sheringham who was himself a Millwall legend).

Boris Johnson

After laughing at Boris being an eccentric, upper class twat, the novelty of Mr Johnson quickly runs out. Let’s hope he goes back to ‘Have I Got News For You’ and abandons all political aspirations (although I have a sneaky feeling he might soon become the Mayor of London).

Damien Hirst

‘Anarchic’ art in the form of a diamond encrusted human skull that then sold for far too many millions of dollars (called – anarchically – ‘For the Love of God’). Sad thing though is that Hirst was one of the consortia that brought the ‘work of art’…I bet there were hundreds of others that wanted it though.

Steve McClaren

Not for the fact that we all knew that England weren’t going to qualify for the Euro 2008 Championships but because he fended his reign as England boss by being the ONLY football manager EVER to have stood on the touchline with an umbrella up. I guess that he wanted to make sure that his hair looked good for the inevitable press conference afterwards.

Leon from X Factor

Nothing against him as an individual but against what he stands for…bland, unsurprising, faceless ‘pap’ music and the death of the race for the Christmas number 1. Could have been worse, the masses could have put Rhydian at number 1 had the phone rigging of ‘reality’ tv not decided that Leon was more saleable.

Spice Girls

Why? Cynical, senseless and unwanted – enough said

Britney Spears

Epitomising the depths of voyeurism that has become ‘celebrity culture’ of late, Britney hit the headlines for irrationally shaving her head. Following this, her hit ‘Gimme More’ (hmmm, guess what she wanted more of – so subtle Britney, brilliant !!!) was her biggest since ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’. Oh dear.

Lembit Opik, Liberal Democrat MP

For having a ‘relationship’ with one of the Cheeky Girls (add into this section ANYONE who has had a ‘relationship’ with one of the Cheeky Girls)

Al Gore

Congratulations on finding a new job Mr Gore but enough is now enough. No doubt some multinational will pay you handsomely to inform the masses about how ‘eco-friendly’ they now are. A wolf in sheep’s clothing – beware.

And finally, all those people who are annoying in any year just for being who they are…Bono, Sting, David Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, David Cameron, George W Bush, Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Tracey Emin, Martin Amis, Jeremy Clarkson, Frank Lampard, Paris Hilton, Kerry Katona…the list goes on


2 thoughts on “2007’s Most Annoying People

  1. Re. possible blog title for people to look out for in 2008 (this could get silly)- 2008’s Great Mates to Contemplate?
    The Feted 2008-ers?
    Greats Worth Waiting For in 2008?
    or rather optimistically…
    People Who Might Finally Bring a Root and Branch Transformation of Human Societies This Coming Year?
    or Theasarusishly…
    Auspicious, Propitious, Inspiriting, Chiliastic and Folk Expected to Make a Jolly Fine Show of Things and All That Going Great Guns in 2008
    or in accord with the lexis typical of most Millwall supporters…
    People What Will Be Big in Two Fausan n Eigh’)
    (‘=glottal stop)

    Ma’s-salaama :-)

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