“Maybe We Are Hated” Mentioned on Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour

On Wednesday this week, BBC Radio 4′s “Woman’s Hour” programme made (the slightest) reference to the report I co-wrote in collaboration with Tell MAMA about the experience of Muslim women victims of Islamophobia.

To listen to the programme – which focuses on British Muslim women and features both Sara Khan from Inspire and Salma Yaqoob – click here.

To read the report, click here.

An interesting review of the programme from the Guardian can be read by clicking here.

Stunning Images of Orthodox Jews

purimOver the past week or so, I’ve come across two really stunning sets of images of Orthodox Jews.

The first were published by the Huffington Post and focus on the marriage of Rivka Hannah to Aharon Krois in the Mea Shearim neighbourhood of Jerusalem, Israel. They can be found by clicking here.

The second – an example accompanies this post – are from a Jewish website that translates as ‘What’s News?’ (apologies if I’ve got this wrong). This set of amazing images focus on the Jewish festival of Purim. Whilst some were taken in the United States, the ones I found particularly interesting were again from the Mea Shearim neighbourhood of Jerusalem. You can see all of them by clicking here.

Enjoy !

Talk: Visible Muslim Women Victims of Anti-Muslim Hate – Launch Speech from the Houses of Parliament

Whilst it’s from last November, I thought that some might still be interested in listening to my launch speech from the Houses of Parliament when we launched the report with Tell MAMA into the experience of visible Muslim women victims of anti-Muslim hate.

If you’re looking for the report, you can view it by clicking here.

Believing in the City: Islamophobia in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Birmingham-City-Centre2I had the pleasure today of presenting some of my research findings to students from the University of Birmingham’s Theology department as part of the ‘Believing in the City’ programme. Talking about Islamophobia, it was great to see them interested and engaged about the way in which Islamophobia manifests itself differently in the city of Birmingham from those areas surrounding the city, the Black Country in particular.

As part of this, I agreed to post some links to research undertaken that the students themselves might be interested in. Here they are – I hope you find them interesting:

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Article: “Giving a voice to the invisible Muslim women victims of Islamophobia” Public Spirit

public spiritI have today had a new article published on the fantastic Public Spirit website.

Titled “Giving a voice to the invisible Muslim women victims of Islamophobia”, the article focuses on the research undertaken into the experience of visible Muslim women victims of Islamophobia last year and is part of Public Spirit’s ‘Muslims Women in Britain’ series.

To read the full article, click here.

To obtain a pdf version of the article, click here.

The first paragraph is reproduced below:

“For more than a decade, my research into Islamophobia has shown the existence of a very real gender dimension. From the backlash against Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11 across EU countries to the dramatic rise in street-level attacks against Britain’s Muslims following the murder of Lee Rigby last year, Muslim women have been the disproportionate targets for abuse, bigotry and hate. Many have been repeatedly – and for some, routinely – spat upon, abused, threatened with violence and violently assaulted. The likelihood of this happening dramatically increases if you happen to be a woman who ‘looks Muslim’ as a result of wearing a hijab, niqab or other form of traditional Islamic clothing. Yet as Chakraborti and Zempi rightly note, not only has this gendered dimension been largely overlooked, but so too have the voices of Muslim women themselves.”

More here.

New Look, New Content

Apologies for the relative silence in recent months on the blog but things have been changing !

First off, is the new look to the site. Hopefully you’ll find it a little fresher.

Second, there are going to be a number of new pages over the coming weeks that will provide access to as many of my articles, recordings, videos and more.

And finally, there will also be a return to the regular updates and blog posts.

Thanks for bearing with me !

Article: Acknowledging Birmingham’s Multicultural Music Heritage

David_Hinds_-_Steel_PulseReproduced below is a short article I wrote for a Black History Month blog being hosted at the University of Birmingham.

To read the article from the blog, click here. Alternatively, read on:

Acknowledging Birmingham’s Multicultural Music Heritage

The summer of 1976 is remembered primarily for it having been one of the hottest summers in living memory. Things though weren’t just hot because of the sweltering temperatures: temperatures were also rising on the streets because of the growing spectre of racism.

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